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12/27/07 Cyber Safety in a Web 2.0 World
Authors Assess Parents' and Government's Role in Online Child Safety
12/20/07 Bret Swanson to Lead Center for Global Innovation
New Center to Focus on International Nature of Technology Economy
12/18/07 PFF's Thierer Lukewarm on Media Ownership Vote
Thierer States Today's Action Will not Benefit Consumers or Media Operators
12/14/07 2007 Digital Economy Fact Book Released
Ninth Edition Includes Expanded International Data
12/13/07 Marginal Cost Should Not Be Factor in IP Policy
Singleton Advises Policymakers to Consider Long Term Efficiency in IP Markets
11/09/07 Broadband Data: What Do They Tell Us?
Transcript Released of June Event on U.S. Broadband Statistics
11/08/07 Ken Ferree Named New PFF President
Former FCC Media Bureau Chief to Lead Foundation
10/30/07 P2P Programs Fail to Prevent Inadvertent Filesharing
Authors of USPTO Report Call for State and Federal Investigations
10/23/07 FCC Should Not Interfere in Cable Application Market
Federally Controlled Application Standards Could Impede Innovation
10/17/07 Sydnor Praises Congress' Call for Filesharing Investigation
House Oversight Committee Calls for Investigation of Inadvertent Filesharing
10/11/07 New Media Options Undermine Regulatory Rationales
New Technologies Empower Parents to Control Media
10/05/07 PFF's Sydnor Statement on File-sharing Case
Thomas Jury votes for the Rule of Law
10/03/07 U.S. Patent Law Based on Natural Law
Academic Advisory Council Member Discusses Misinterpretation of "Privilege"
09/26/07 Book Event: Child Online Safety
Discussion Panel to Address Roles for Parent, Policymakers
09/26/07 Wallsten Urges Caution in Broadband Policy
PFF's Wallsten Testifies Before U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business
( See also related slides - "Everything You Hear About Broadband in the U.S. is Wrong." by Scott Wallsten)
09/24/07 PFF Initiates Search for Next President
09/11/07 Tribe: New Content Regulations Betray First Amendment
Harvard University Professor Discusses Freedom of Speech at PFF's Aspen Summit
09/07/07 Cyber-Safety in a Web 2.0 World
Rep. Bean, Sponsor of the “SAFER NET Act,” to Speak at October 3rd Event
08/30/07 Schmidt Calls for "Free and Open" Internet
PFF Publishes Google CEO's Remarks from 2007 Aspen Summit
08/27/07 2007 Aspen Summit Videos Now Available Online
Videos of Keynotes, Discussion Panels Accessible from PFF Website
08/20/07 Sydnor to Lead PFF's Intellectual Property Efforts
IP Expert to be Senior Fellow, Director of the Center for the Study of Intellectual Property
08/15/07 Aspen Working Dinners Address Key Policy Issues
Topics Include Spectrum Markets, Content Regulation, Digital Content Protection and Online Privacy
08/09/07 CPNI Rule Will Harm Business and Consumers
Lenard and Rubin Cite High Costs, Minimal Consumer Benefits from Restrictions
08/09/07 Leaders of the Digital Economy to Convene at the 2007 Aspen Summit
Speakers Include Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Ambassador David Gross, Harvard Economist Dale Jorgenson, FTC Commissioner William Kovacic, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, Harvard Law Professor Laurence H. Tribe
08/07/07 New Aspen Summit Panel Announced: Property Rights and Patent Reform
Experts Will Discuss Patent System’s Record and Implications for Patent Reform
08/01/07 Adam Thierer Releases New Paper Regarding S. 602, "The Child Safe Viewing Act of 2007"
Thierer Writes: "There is No Need for Congress or the FCC to Mandate Tools That Already Exist"
07/31/07 Harvard Professor Dale Jorgenson to Offer Keynote Address at Aspen Summit
Economist to Discuss, "Whatever Happened to the New Economy?" in the Wake of the Dot-Com Crash
07/31/07 Scott Wallsten Releases New Paper: "Has Deregulation Affected Investment in Special Access?"
Analysis Suggests Deregulation of Special Access Has Had Positive Effects on Investment
07/26/07 New Aspen Summit Panel Announced: "Let's Make a Deal: Getting Content & Tech to the Table"
Experts to Discuss Copyright Issues in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World
07/23/07 Eric Schmidt to Keynote 2007 Aspen Summit
Google Chairman and CEO to Speak at Chairman's Dinner on August 21st
PFF Urges Negotiation in Case of Cartoon Network v. CSC Holdings While Supporting Lower Court Ruling
In Filing with Second Circuit Court of Appeals, PFF's Solveig Singleton Writes that Previous Decision Does Not Suppress Technology; but Distributors and Creators Alike Must Come to the Bargaining Table
Free Speech, Parental Controls, and Online Safety to be Discussed at 2007 Aspen Summit
Harvard Prof. Laurence Tribe and Representatives from AT&T, Entertainment Software Association, Microsoft, MySpace, and others to Discuss Free Speech Issues in a Multimedia World
Complexity of Market, Platforms Must be Considered in Antitrust Review of XM-Sirius Merger
In Filing, Progress & Freedom Foundation's Scott Wallsten Writes That Officials Should Consider Not Only Subscribers, but also Content Providers and Competing Platforms
07/09/07 Aspen Summit Early Registration Extended Through July 13th
07/03/07 PFF, CEPS Host Joint Event on Online Privacy & Consumer Confidence
Brussels Event to Explore Policy Approaches in Europe and U.S.
06/29/07 Telecommunications Industry Experts & Leaders to Convene at 2007 Aspen Summit
Representatives from Comcast, the Federal Communications Commission, Skype, Stanford University, and Verizon to Discuss Telecommunications Policy in a Converged World
06/29/07 PFF's Scott Wallsten Releases Document on Broadband Rankings, "Everything You Hear About Broadband in the U.S. is Wrong"
06/22/07 PFF's Adam Thierer Testifies at House Hearing on "Images Kids See on the Screen"
In Testimony Before Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, Thierer Encourages Parental Involvement in Managing Media Content
06/21/07 PFF's Scott Wallsten Urges FCC to Approve Emergency Cap on Size of Federal Universal Fund
"The Joint Board's proposal is an Excellent First Step in Addressing the Costly Growth In High-Cost Subsidies," Writes Wallsten in Filing, States that FCC Could Help Consumers by Adopting Cap on Funding
06/20/07 PFF Announces Theme for 2007 Aspen Summit: "Making Markets - Critical Information Policy Choices"
Early Registration Discount Offered Until June 30th. Confirmed Speakers Include Prominent Leaders from FCC, FTC, Harvard, Stanford, Comcast, Microsoft, TiVo, and Skype
06/19/07 PFF Hosts Event to Explore: "Broadband Data: Do We Have Enough?"
Experts to Discuss Broadband Statistics and their Policy Implications
06/18/07 The Progress & Freedom Foundation Welcomes John Duffy as Adjunct Fellow
GW Law Professor and Nationally Recognized Specialist in Intellectual Property and Administrative Law Will Join Panel Discussion to Discuss Patent Reform Legislation on Friday, June 22nd
06/15/07 The Complexities of Regulating TV Violence
PFF Releases Transcript of May Panel Featuring Comments from Former FCC General Counsel and Other Experts. Moderator Adam Thierer to Host Book Event Wed. June 20th About Parental Controls and Online Child Protection
06/14/07 PFF President Thomas Lenard Urges FCC Not to Adopt New Net Neutrality Regulation
"It Makes No Sense to Be Concerned with Hypothetical Market Power Issues," Argues Lenard in Filing, Writes that Net Neutrality Inhibits Investment that Would Benefit Consumers
06/12/07 The Effect of Supreme Court Decisions on Patent Reform Legislation
Panelists to Discuss How Supreme Court Decisions Have Affected Current Legislative Proposals for Patent Reform
06/12/07 Book Launch Event: "Parental Controls & Online Child Protection" by Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow
Experts to Discuss How Parents Can Protect Children in the Digital Age
05/30/07 Parental Controls & Online Child Protection
June 20th Event to Launch Thierer's New Book
05/18/07 Allocating the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Transcript Released of February Event on M2Z Proposal
05/15/07 Recent FCC Report to be Debated This Friday
The Creative Coalition's Robin Bronk Joins Panel
05/14/07 Parental Controls Can Better Regulate TV Violence
Thierer: Available Tools Superior Alternative to Government Regulation
05/11/07 Public Safety Comm.: Time for a New Approach
PFF Releases Transcript of March Public Safety Spectrum Event
05/11/07 Age Verification for Social Networking Sites
PFF Releases Transcript of March Panel on Online Child Protection Efforts
05/09/07 Software Dependability Increasingly Vital
Wallsten and NRC Offer Recommendations to Developers, Researchers
05/09/07 FCC Report on Violent TV Programming to be Debated
Analysts to Discuss Complexities of Regulation at May 18th Event
05/04/07 The Complexities of Regulating TV Violence
May 18th Event to Explore FCC Report and Recommended Government Actions
05/01/07 U.S. Broadband Policies Should have Narrow Focus
PFF's Wallsten Calls for Reduction of Barriers to Platform Competition
04/25/07 Patents Play Important Role in Software Start-Ups
IP Academic Advisory Council Member Adds Voice to Software Patent Debate
04/24/07 U.S. Broadband Rankings Do Not Show Market Failure
PFF's Wallsten Testifies Before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee
04/19/07 Critiques of Media Marketplace Misguided
Thierer Counters Calls for More Media Regulation in City Journal Article
04/16/07 Copyright in the Age of User-Posted Content
PFF Releases Transcript of March Panel on Copyright Enforcement Mechanisms
04/11/07 2007 Aspen Summit to Explore Evolving Markets
Discount Early Registration Offered Until June 29th
03/21/07 Calls for Online Age Verification Misguided
Combination of Efforts Needed for Child Safety on Social Networking Sites


Age Verification for Social Networking Sites to be Debated
Panel Features Experts on Policy and Enforcement at March 23rd Event
03/15/07 Dr. Thomas Lenard Named PFF President
Caprio to Associate With McKenna Long & Aldridge
03/12/07 Age Verification for Social Networking Sites
March 23rd Event to Discuss if Regulatory Proposals are Desirable, Possible
03/09/07 Copyright in the Age of User-Posted Content
Panelists to Explore Policy and Legal Challenges Created by Digital Media
03/07/07 Panelists Confirmed for Public Safety Spectrum Event
March 9th Seminar to Explore Public Safety Communications Policy
03/05/07 Governments Play Varying Roles in Standards System
Second Paper in Series Explores History of Government Standards
03/01/07 Public Safety Communications: A New Approach
PFF Hosts March 9th Seminar on Spectrum Use for Public Safety
03/01/07 Policy Impact of User-Posted Content to be Examined
PFF Congressional Seminar Looks at DMCA Notice-and-Takedowns
02/22/07 Panelists Confirmed for USF Reverse Auction Event
March 1st Panel to Present Perspectives of Economists, Industry, and Regulators
02/22/07 Education is Key to Online Safety Efforts
Thierer Applauds SAFER NET Act as a Positive Alternative to Regulation
02/21/07 Game Industry Reveals Insight into DRM Debate
Singleton Offers 8 Lessons for Policymakers when Considering Media Content
02/15/07 Comprehensive Agenda Set for PFF, CEPS Joint Event
Brussels Event to Feature Industry Reps, Academics and Policymakers
02/08/07 Panel Finalized for Feb 16th Spectrum Event
Congressional Seminar Panel to Discuss M2Z Spectrum Application
02/06/07 Universal Service: Are Reverse Auctions the Answer?
March 1st Event to Address Reverse Auctions as Means of Reform
01/30/07 PFF, CEPS Hold Joint Event on Communications
Brussels Event to Evaluate Markets and Regulation in Europe and U.S.
01/29/07 Allocating the Electromagnetic Spectrum
PFF Hosts Feb 16th Congressional Seminar on M2Z Spectrum Application
01/19/07 PFF Fellows Offer Policy Recommendations
Fellows Suggest Ten Policy Positions to Guide New Congress and Policymakers
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