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12/29/04 Electricity "Restructuring": What Went Wrong: Lenard Blames in Part a Centralized Policy From FERC
12/28/04 Reforming the FCC -- Experts Transcribed: PFF's May with Veteran Regulators Ness, Miller and Gaskins
12/21/04 Induce Debate Reveals Lack of Scholarship: Less Activism, More Economic and Legal Analysis Needed, Singleton Writes
12/17/04 States Must Update Communications Laws: Gifford, Peters Offer Model Act Language to Legislators
12/16/04 FERC Stymies Electricity Competition: Lenard Says Wood Has Taken 'Wrong Turn' After Key Order
12/14/04 FCC Must Relax Unbundling Requirements: May Urges Adherence to Law in National Review Online Article
12/08/04 December 10 Grokster Seminar Update: New Panelists Include Davidson, Band, and Glazier
12/07/04 PFF Urges E-Commerce Win in Wine Case: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Today
12/06/04 PFF Advises State Department on UN: Selected to U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
12/02/04 Singleton, Cuban Duel on P2P: Scholar Questions Cofounder's Take on Digital Competition
12/01/04 December 3 Universal Service Seminar Update: Panel Includes House Commerce's Waltzman, Scholars Crandall and Ellig
11/29/04 FCC Should Embrace 'Dynamic Deregulation': May Challenges Agency to Acknowledge Marketplace Competition
11/19/04 Copyright and the Courts - December 10: Grokster Appeal to Supreme Court Topic of Panel on Capitol Hill
11/17/04 Universal Service Seminar--December 3: Progress & Freedom Foundation Study Examines Need for Continued Subsidies
11/16/04 Standards Offer Insight on Network Growth: Scholar Examines European, U.S. Role in 2G Mobile Phone Deployment
11/12/04 The Progress & Freedom Foundation Heads to Europe: Milan, Brussels Events on Open Source to Build on Aspen Success
11/09/04 Ross Joins Progress & Freedom Foundation: Veteran Reporter Covered Tech for CNet, Communications Daily
11/08/04 High Court Should Hear Grokster Case: DeLong, Singleton Cite ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ in Consumer Desire for Digital Content
10/20/04 Don't Replace Stovepipes with Layers: May Argues for a Competition-Based Deregulatory Approach
10/18/04 Universal Service: Is it Doomed?: Gifford Paints Stark Picture, Urges Reform
10/14/04 State Barriers to VoIP are Documented: Gifford and Lassman Catalog Wave of Regulatory Activity
10/12/04 Bush and Kerry Internet Policies Contrasted: One of Them Relies Too Much On Subsidy, May Writes
10/06/04 Level 3 Communications CEO Speaks Oct. 13: Precursor, Legg Mason & Medley Global Analysts Join Discussion
10/04/04 Opt-Out of Internet Tax Effort Helps States: Remote Sales and Benefits Would Shift to Tax Free Zones
09/28/04 Level 3 Communications CEO Speaks Oct. 13: James Crowe and Analysts Discuss Comm. Policy, Sector’s Future
09/27/04 Former Officials Debate FCC Reform Oct. 15: Miller, Ness, Gaskins & May Consider Digital Age Reinvention
09/24/04 High Court Should Affirm E-Commerce Case: PFF Joins Amicus Brief Opposing Discriminatory State Regulations
09/17/04 Former FCC Official Lists Broadband Reforms: Dixon Says 1996 Act "Did Not Go Far Enough"
09/09/04 Regulating the Internet - Experts Transcribed: MCI, Verizon and Comcast Execs. Plus Nakahata and Thierer
09/07/04 Supreme Court Should Review Grokster Case: Adkinson and Singleton Fault Lower Court Decision
08/31/04 Singleton Joins Progress & Freedom Foundation: CEI, Cato, Law Firm Alumna is Senior Adjunct Fellow
08/30/04 State Court Should Curb ICANN's Excesses: Adkinson: VeriSign Case Strong Even Minus Antitrust Claim
08/27/04 FCC Decision-Making Highlights Reform Need: Time to Create Model Digital Age Agency, May Writes
08/23/04 2004 Digital Economy Fact Book Available: Popular Guide to Digital Revolution in Sixth Edition
08/20/04 CEOs, Top Officials to Assess Internet's Future: Tenth Annual Aspen Summit is Aug. 22-24 in Aspen, Colorado
08/18/04 Time Warner Cable & Level 3 CEOs to Speak: Cable & Fiber Leaders Discuss Future of Internet, Aug. 23
08/13/04 BellSouth CEO Headlines Internet Summit: Ackerman To Join Corporate and Government Officials in Aspen
08/09/04 Microsoft Executive at Internet Summit: Mundie, Others Discuss the Future of the Internet Aug. 22-24
08/06/04 Study Questions Telecom 'Predation': Adjudication, Not Regulation, Best Policy, Expert Says
08/06/04 FCC Chair to Speak at Internet Summit: Powell Will Join Gov’t and Corporate Leaders in Aspen
08/05/04 Verizon Executive at Aspen Summit: Babbio to Discuss Telecommunications and the Internet
07/30/04 What's Next for the IT Economy? Harvard Economist Makes Predictions Aug. 24 in Aspen
07/29/04 Kent Lassman Statement on NCSL Proposal: NCSL Has Moved in the Right Direction
07/27/04 U.S. Antitrust Chief at Aspen Summit: Pate to Cover Global Internet Issues, Competition Policy
07/26/04 FCC's Kyle Dixon to Join Foundation: Powell Advisor, Bureau Leader to Direct Regulatory Institute
07/26/04 Aspen Summit to Open with HP and Warner Bros. Leading Frank Dialogue on Digital Entertainment Revolution: Aug 22-24 Event Focuses on Future of the Internet
07/23/04 Aspen Summit Panel: Internet Regulation: Administration, FCC, Industry Leaders Assess Physical Layer
07/20/04 Texas PUC Regulates Too Much, Expert Says: Consumer Protection and Public Safety Roles More Important
07/19/04 Energy CEO, EEI Chair, Analysts July 22: Topics: Reliability, Environment, Remaking Electricity Market
07/16/04 Internet Body Oversteps Bounds, Expert Says: Study Finds Need to Check Regulatory Proclivities
07/16/04 FCC Broadband Neutrality Mandate a No-No: Study: Would Reinforce Concentration, Harm Competition
07/15/04 A La Carte Regulation Harmful for Consumers: “Tiering” Promotes Consumer Choice
07/15/04 Xcel Energy Chairman and CEO Speaks July 22: Brunetti to Give First Major Policy Speech as EEI Chair
07/14/04 Regulating the Internet: July 16 Conference: Speakers: Ferree, Nakahata, Hoewing, Waz, Whitt, Thierer
07/13/04 VeriSign CEO to Keynote Aspen Summit: Aug 22-24 Conference Focuses on Future of the Internet
07/09/04 FTC Nominee to Discuss Internet Policy: Joined by State Dept., Symantec & Markle Foundation Experts
07/07/04 Should the Net's Physical Layer be Regulated?: July 16 Conference includes FCC's Ferree, Vanderbilt's Yoo and MCI's Whitt
06/17/04 Cooper & Gifford Debate Olson Decision: NPR Also Features Telecom Analysis By Post’s Stern
06/17/04 Antitrust Harmonization Poses Challenges: Cooperation and Voluntary Implementation Key, Adkinson Says
06/09/04 Solicitor General's Decision: A Key Turning Point: FCC Should Decide to End Litigation Now
06/09/04 Utah’s UTOPIA a Gamble, Expert Says: Gifford Joins Utah Taxpayers Assoc. to Question Telecom Project
06/02/04 Economist to Hill: Speed DTV Transition: Lenard Testifies Before House Panel, Suggests “New Ideas”
06/02/04 Let Telecom Agreements Bloom: Heritage, Cato and PFF Experts Challenge State Regulators, FCC
06/01/04 Tomorrow: Former Solicitor Gen., WH Counsel: Ken Starr, C. Boyden Gray, Chris Wright on FCC & Sup. Court
05/28/04 June 2: Former WH Counsel, Solicitor Gen.: Ken Starr, C. Boyden Gray, Christopher Wright on FCC & Sup. Court
05/27/04 Starr to Speak on FCC, Supreme Court: Former Solicitor General, Others at June 2 Press Club Panel
05/19/04 Open Source Software No Model For Drugs: DeLong Eschews Love-Hubbard Plan
05/13/04 Analyzing Effects of Wireless Mandates: Transcript of Hill Seminar Features Diverse Expert Views
05/10/04 CEO Lunch: Wireless, Outsourcing, Competition: Sybase CEO John Chen Answers Analyst Questions Wednesday
05/07/04 Gov't Must Speed Transition To Digital TV: SHVIA Changes Would Free Valuable Spectrum, Economist Says
05/06/04 Liebowitz Critiques Alternatives to Copyright: IPCentral Review Article Identifies Problems With Compulsory License Schemes
05/05/04 Sybase Chairman & CEO Speaks May 12: Chen & Analysts to Discuss ‘Outsourcing’, Wireless IT, Competitiveness
04/28/04 Next Telecom Act Must Clear Regulatory Underbrush: In Senate Testimony, Gifford Urges A Future of “Unregulation”

Qwest Chairman & CEO Speaks Wednesday, April 28: Analysts Anna-Marie Kovacs, Frank Governali & Blake Bath Ask Questions

Lessig Book Receives Tough Review by DeLong: National Review Features Counter to Free Culture Movement Leader
VoIP: Challenging Regulations and Rates in States: Gifford Assesses Changes to Telecom Policy in Ohio and Other States
Qwest Chairman & CEO Dick Notebaert Speaks April 28: Analysts Anna-Marie Kovacs, Frank Governali & Blake Bath Join Discussion
Study Pans Gov’t-Created Spectrum ‘Commons’: April 15 Panel Examines Future of Wireless Communications
Spectrum Debate – Thursday on Capitol Hill: Is Spectrum Public Good or Private Property?
Post 9/11: Protecting Communications: May Urges Redundant Telecom Systems for Key Gov’t Offices
New E-Journal Focuses on Intellectual Property: IPCENTRAL REVIEW Debuts With Epstein Copyright Article
A Plea to California: Don't Regulate Internet Voice: Regulators Should Heed FCC Chair's Warning, Experts Contend
Internet Voice: New Rules for New Tech: FCC Should Go Step-By-Step; Congress Must Update Law, May Says
Talkin’ Telecom Truth in Texas: Lassman Testifies Before Committee on Regulated Industries
VoIP: The Creative Destroyer of Old Ways: Regulations Must Be Replaced By “New Approaches,” May Writes
Aspen Summit Dates: August 22-24: 2004 Marks 10th Anniversary of Popular Gathering of Cyberspace Leaders
Foundation Launches Intellectual Property Web Site: and New Lessig Book Discussed at Nat. Press Club Lunch
Should Spectrum Be Public or Private?: Experts Debate Future of Spectrum April 15
The Future of Electricity Policy: April 5 DC Event: Discussion to Feature DOE, FERC, Wharton & Harvard Experts
Open Source: Unraveling a Digital Enigma: DeLong Paper Seeks to Stimulate Free Culture Movement Debate
P2P File-Sharing: Balancing Creativity & Innovation: Adkinson Considers P2P Systems’ Liability for Users’ Infringements
Lessig & DeLong Hold Press Club Debate March 25: Copyright, Open Source, Digital Content, Among Internet-Related Topics
VoIP: FCC Should Support Level 3 Petition: Peters Urges Agency Not to Apply Legacy Regulation to Internet Voice
Next Step In Telecom: Deregulation of Rates?: Experts Focus on Retail Price Deregulation of Residential Markets
Court Deals FCC Another Defeat in Triennial Decision: DC Court of Appeals Causes FCC to Confront Issue Again
EchoStar CEO Charles Ergen Speaks Thursday: Legg Mason, Precursor, Schwab to Focus On Multi-Channel Marketplace
Markets and Property Rights = More Digital Content: Aspen Panel Discussion Adds Perspective to Recent CD Sales News
Congress Should Speed Transition To Digital TV: SHVIA Changes Would Free Valuable Spectrum, Economist Says
EchoStar CEO Charles Ergen to Speak March 4: Industry Analysts to Discuss Future of DISH Network TV
Rediscovering Limits to Gov’t in Washington: Lt. Governor Assoc. Panel Delineates the “Inherently Governmental”
Gov’t-Run Telecom Exposing Taxpayers to Losses: Municipalities Find Themselves in a Competitive Bind, Study Finds
GAO Wire-Based Study Not Realistic, May Says: Digital Multi-Channel Marketplace Has Broader Array of Competitors
Experts to Address Digital Broadband Migration: Gifford, FCC’s Powell, Prof. Lessig & Microsoft CTO to Speak
VoIP: A Plea to Regulators: May Warns of Procedural Nightmares that CAN Be Avoided
Copy Left: The Opposite of Copyright: Adkinson Questions Lessig and New York Times Magazine
Internet Phone: Vonage CEO Speaks Friday: Legg Mason, Precursor and Lehman Analysts Question VoIP Player
Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron Keynotes Feb. 6 Event: Major Internet ‘Phone’ Player to Discuss Future of VoIP
Internet Lessens Need for Split Fed-State Jurisdiction: Communications Networks Need Unified National Policy and Deregulation
Combating Junk Science - The Right Way: OMB's Peer Review Plan Needs Improvement, May Writes
Open Source: "Partly Legitimate, Partly Vaporware": DeLong Salutes Movement's Insights & Successes, Rejects Model
Universal Service: Imperiled by VoIP and Wireless?: Differing Views of Phone Subsidy Featured at Congressional Seminar
State Telecom Law Impedes Competition: Former Regulator Suggests Reforms, Study Focuses on Texas
VoIP: The Metaphysics of Telecom Markets: Future of Internet Phones Shouldn't Turn on Word Play, Expert Says
New Year Brings End to Pre-Internet Travel Regs: DOT Met Deregulatory Challenge on CRS Ruling, Adkinson Says
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