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9/30/10 PFF Ends 17-Year Run
Digital Economy Think Tank to Close Doors October 1st
9/20/10 California's Violent Video Games Law Violates First Amendment
EFF and PFF Urge Supreme Court to Protect Rights of Game Creators and Users
8/20/10 Downes Paper Says FCC Reclassification Effort Is Far More Than Meets the Eye
FCC on Path to Most Dangerous Expansion of Federal Power Since Civil War
8/04/10 Sydnor Releases Paper on Viacom v. YouTube Summary Judgment Ruling
Says Ruling Contains Two Glaring Errors
7/30/10 "Future of Media" Event Transcript Released
Experts Discuss Government's Role Regarding Challenged Media Landscape
7/12/10 Sydnor Explains Why Tenenbaum Ruling is Wrong
7/1/10 PFF & Hogan Lovells to Host "The Future of Speech on the Borderless Internet"
7/1/10 PFF, CDT & EFF File Joint Comments Against COPPA Expansion
6/29/10 PFF Paper Says NOI Only about Third Way & Net Neutrality, Not Broader Goals
Senior Adjunct Charlie Kennedy Says FCC Bent on Ramming Through Policy Regardless of Facts
6/28/10 PFF's Sydnor Says Bilski Order Moderate and Sensible
Supreme Court's Decision Stresses Need for Careful Examination by PTO
6/24/10 PFF's Sydnor Says All Lose with YouTube Court Order
Pirated Works OK for "Start-Up Capital" the Absurd Result of Decision
6/23/10 PFF 6/29 Event Reminder: Sending an Online Safety Message to Congress
Event to Highlight OSTWG Task Force: "Youth Safety on a Living Internet"
6/22/10 PFF's Sydnor Hails US Joint Strategic Plan to Protect IP
Enforcement Coordinator Espinel Produces Comprehensive, Focused Strategy
6/17/10 PFF Statement on FCC Broadband "Third Way" Plan
Thierer Says FCC Plan a 'Huge Step Backwards;' Agency Acts as if 'Above the Law'
6/16/10 "Next Communications Act" Event Transcript Released
Industry Officials at PFF Event Discuss Need to Update US Comms Laws
6/15/10 Sydnor Says GAO Punk'd by Counterfeit-Loving Academics
PFF Paper Debunks the "Positive Economic Effects" of Criminal Racketeering
6/10/10 Sending an Online Safety Message to Congress
June 29 Event to Highlight OSTWG Task Force: "Youth Safety on a Living Internet"
6/9/10 PFF Praises Internet Technical Advisory Group
TAG Will Provide Important Dispute Resolution Process for Internet Ecosystem
6/4/10 Thierer Praises Online Safety Task Force Report
OSTWG Working Group Findings Consistent with Five Other Major Task Forces
6/2/10 Szoka Answers Follow-up COPPA Questions
Urges U.S. Senate to "Tread Carefully" on Working Child Online Privacy Law
5/26/10 Szoka Statement on Facebook Privacy Management Upgrade
5/19/10 PFF Report Says FCC's Regulatory Leap Backwards Wrong for Internet
Industry Self-Regulation and Light Touch Regulation a Better Approach to Grow Internet
5/18/10 "Nuts & Bolts of Online Privacy, Advertising, Notice & Choice"
PFF Capitol Hill Briefing on May 24, 2010
5/11/10 PFF Hosts "Can Government Help Save the Press?"
May 20th Event to Discuss Government's Role in the Future of Media
5/6/10 Statement of Barbara Esbin Concerning the FCC's "Third Way" Internet Regulation Proposal
5/6/10 PFF Releases White Paper on Broadband Reclassification Wars
Esbin Says "Extreme Makeover" Needed for FCC, Communications Act
5/5/10 PFF Urges FCC to Avoid Meddling to "Save" Media
"Future of Media" Filing Counsels Patience, Rebuts Radical "Reform" Solutions
5/4/10 PFF Statement on House Privacy Bill Discussion Draft
Szoka & Thierer Fear "Privacy Industrial Policy" Will Devastate Digital Economy
5/4/10 PFF Welcomes Dan Horowitz as COO and VP of Development & Outreach
4/30/10 PFF Releases Fifth "The Wrong Way to Reinvent Media" Essay
Welfare for Failing Media & Unemployed Reporters Offensive to Press Independence
4/29/10 PFF Tells Senate to Leave COPPA Alone
Szoka Cautions against Expansion of Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
4/27/10 PFF Briefing on "What Should the Next Communications Act Look Like?"
May 7 Event to Begin Dialogue about Update of Telecom Laws
4/26/10 Thierer Comments on Supreme Court Taking Video Game Case
California Law Should Fail Due to First Amendment Concerns
4/23/10 PFF Announces Summer Events Calendar
Eight Policy Events in DC to Replace Sundance Summit
4/20/10 PFF Releases New Essays in Series on "The Wrong Way to Reinvent Media"
4/13/10 Cable, Broadcast & the First Amendment: Will the Supreme Court End Must-Carry?
4/6/10 Esbin Statement on the D.C. Circuit's Decision in Comcast v. FCC
3/30/10 FCC's Broadband Plan Tells Good Story but Remains Puzzling
PFF Essay Lauds Positive View of Broadband Market, Questions Calls for Regulation
3/30/10 PFF Releases Second Essay on Government's Role and the Future of Media
Essay Says Broadcast Spectrum Taxes to Support Public Media Unfair and Unnecessary
3/26/10 Super-Sizing the FTC: What It Means for the Internet, Media & Advertising
3/25/10 PFF Examines Government's Role in the Future of Media
First in a Series of Papers Debunks New Taxes to Support Ailing Media Outlets
3/24/10 Szoka Statement on FTC's Child Online Privacy (COPPA) Implementation Review
3/22/10 PFF Welcomes Mike Wendy as VP of Press & External Affairs
3/16/10 Szoka Statement on National Broadband Plan & Privacy
3/16/10 Esbin Hopeful That Implementation of National Broadband Plan Will Follow Proper Authority, Process
3/16/10 Adam Thierer to Appear on Diane Rehm Show
PFF President to Debate the FCC's National Broadband Plan
3/15/10 Esbin Questions Lack of Vote on FCC Broadband Plan
Procedural Choice May Affect Achievement of Goals
3/04/10 FCC should Re-evaluate Public Interest Mandates
Thierer Participates in FCC Workshop on Public Interest Regulation
3/04/10 COPPA Expansion Would Impact All Internet Users
Szoka Submits Comments Regarding Maine Pharmaceutical Marketing Bill
2/24/10 Szoka Statement on Google Convictions in Italy
2/24/10 FCC Should Tread Carefully in Children & Media Inquiry
PFF and EFF File Joint Comments with FCC
2/04/10 Media Operators Need Regulatory Flexibility
Thierer Testifies Before House Communications and Internet Subcommittee
1/22/10 Sydnor Statement
On Capitol Records, Inc. v. Thomas-Rasset
1/22/10 Broadband Plan Should Limit Privacy Recommendations
Szoka Files Comments with FCC Concerning Privacy Issues
1/22/10 PFF Sundance Summit to be Held July 11-13
What's Ahead for the New Digital Decade?
1/14/10 Esbin Files Comments in Net Neutrality Rulemaking
Jurisdiction Claims are beyond the FCC's Delegated Powers
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