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Copyright ‘Modernization’ Agenda on Capitol Hill
PFF Releases Transcript of October Panel on Copyright Focus in Congress
12/13/06 Software Patent Issues Best Solved by Legal Focus
Litigation Incentives, Institutional Reforms Would Address Patent Quality
11/30/06 Converging Media Negates FCC's Indecency Authority
PFF and CDT Files Amicus Briefs in Indecency Appeals Cases
11/22/06 Transcript Released from Sept. CEO Luncheon
Luncheon Featured Comcast CEO Roberts, Sen. Ted Stevens, Analyst Panel
DACA Releases Institutional Reform Proposal
Working Group Proposes "Split Agency" Form for Rulemaking and Adjudications
11/08/06 Communications Experts Speak at Nov. 14 DACA Luncheon
Panelists Named for Regulatory Reform Discussion
11/07/06 Patent Reform Should Encourage Flexible Industrial Structure
Efficient Interaction Among Inventing Firms and Manufacturers Needed
11/02/06 DeMint to Speak at Latest PFF DACA Event
New DACA Working Group Paper to be Released

PFF Releases Internet Security Summit Transcript
"Securing the Internet" Event Highlighted Public and Private Sector Roles

10/31/06 Wallsten Brings Telecom Insights to PFF
PhD Economist Will be Senior Fellow, Director of Communications Policy Studies
10/26/06 ICANN should Promote Registry Competition
GMU Professor Bruce H. Kobayashi joins PFF as Adjunct Fellow
10/24/06 Patent, Copyright as Monopoly a 'Rhetorical Flourish'
Singleton Intellectual Property Promotes Innovation, Not Market Monopoly
10/20/06 PFF Fellow Warns FCC of 'Media Myths'
Thierer Files Comments in Media Ownership Proceeding
10/18/06 Culture of Trust and Security Needed in e-Commerce
PFF Releases Aspen Remarks from Coviello of RSA, The Security Division of EMC
10/17/06 Panel Complete for Copyright Discussion
PFF Hosts Senior Hill Staff to Discuss IP Reform

Copyright Legislation Focus of Hill Seminar
PFF Hosts Senior Hill Staff to Discuss IP Reform

10/05/06 Net Neutrality or Net Neutering?
PFF Releases Transcript of July Book Launch, Policy Debate
10/04/06 Roberts: Facilities-Based Competition Vital
PFF Releases Comcast CEO's Remarks from Sept 21st Luncheon
Epstein: Unity in IP and Physical Property
PFF Publishes Aspen Remarks of Univ. of Chicago Law Professor
09/29/06 October 13th DACA Event Postponed
Institutional Reform Report Event at National Press Club to be Rescheduled
09/28/06 Tauke: Consumer Concerns Should be Industry Focus
Verizon Exec. VP Addressed Telecom Issues at Aspen Summit
09/26/06 DACA Institutional Reform Report to be Released
October 13th Event at the National Press Club to Present Working Group Report
09/22/06 Parental Inaction Doesn't Justify Regulation
Thierer Submits Comments in FCC Indecency Proceeding
09/21/06 Market Should Guide Internet Governance
Lenard Testifies before Capitol Hill on ICANN, Competition
09/19/06 Jacobs Promotes Competition and Innovation: PFF Publishes Qualcomm Co-Founder and Chairman's Aspen Remarks
09/14/06 Chairman Stevens to Speak at PFF CEO Luncheon
Senate Commerce Committee Leader to Precede Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
Redstone Proposes Digital Manifesto
PFF Publishes Viacom and CBS Executive Chairman's Aspen Remarks
09/6/06 Ross Offers Policy Principles for Media Regulation
Policymakers Should Consider Consumers, Innovation when Regulating
09/05/06 Qwest CEO: FTC can Address Broadband Concerns
Notebaert Opines on Net Neutrality, Child Protection at Aspen Summit
08/30/06 Comcast CEO Roberts Featured at CEO Luncheon
Luncheon Now Scheduled for September 21st
PFF Fellows File Amicus in KSR Case with High Court
Support Petitioner in Urging Improved "Obviousness" Patent Test
2006 Digital Economy Fact Book Released
PFF Releases Eighth Edition of Popular Tech Industry Statistics Book
Aspen Working Dinners Address Key Policy Issues
Focus on Privacy and Security, Communications, and Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Discussed in Aspen
IP Discussion Panel and Working Dinner on Agenda
Gallagher Named PFF Adjunct Fellow
Former NTIA Director is Perkins Coie Partner
08/14/06 Media Industry Topics Explored in Aspen
Discussion Panel and Keynote Speakers Highlight Changes and Challenges
08/10/06 Telecom Expert Tom Tauke to Speak at Aspen
Address to be Followed by Discussion Panel on Network Neutrality
08/08/06 Dan Caprio to Be PFF's Third President
Gifford to Become Senior Adjunct Fellow
Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs Added to Aspen Agenda
QUALCOMM Co-Founder, Chairman to Offer Tuesday Keynote Address
08/02/06 Digital Economy Examined at Aspen Summit
Discussion Panel to Feature Academics, Industry Executives and Economists
07/27/06 Academia Converge at Aspen Summit
Keynotes, Panelists, and Working Dinner Participants Offer Expertise
RSA Security’s Art Coviello to Keynote Aspen Summit
RSA Security President and CEO to Open Event
07/21/06 Sweeney to Offer Keynote at Aspen Summit
Joins Other Media Industry Executives at August Conference
Aspen Agenda Features Public Policy Panel
FTC Commissioner Jon Leibowitz to Participate in Aspen "Working Dinner"
07/12/06 Academics to Debate Network Neutrality Issues
PFF Network Neutrality Book Launch and Debate to be held Tuesday, July 18th
07/11/06 The Role of Music Licensing in a Digital Age
PFF Releases Transcript of June Event on PERFORM Act
07/10/06 Framework Needed for Social Communications Goals
Dixon Offers Five Principles to Guide Evaluations of Social Regulations
FCC Commissioner to Speak at PFF Aspen Summit
Jonathan S. Adelstein to Open 12th Annual Policy Summit
07/6/06 Experts Assembled for Net Neutrality Book Event
July 18th National Press Club Event to Include Book Authors, Telecom Experts
06/30/06 Aspen Summit Early Registration Extended One Week
Accommodation Made for 4th of July Holiday
Time Shifting Does Not Always Imply Fair Use
DeLong Calls it Practical Compromise, Not Fundamental Principle
06/27/06 Copyright Reform Must Recognize Treaty Obligations
Shorter Copyright Terms Should Meet Berne Minimums, Ross Argues
06/22/06 Sumner M. Redstone to Keynote Aspen Summit
Viacom, CBS Chairman to Speak at PFF Chairman’s Dinner on August 22
Book Release: "Net Neutrality or Net Neutering"
PFF Holds Net Neutrality Book Launch, Discussion at the National Press Club
06/20/06 Information Market Produces Consumer Benefits
Lenard Testifies on Privacy and Consumer Data before House Subcommittee
06/16/06 Let the FTC Supervise Broadband Services
PFF's Gifford Submits Testimony to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
PFF Fellows Publish Net Neutrality Primer
Authors Offer "Skeptic’s" Overview, Warn of Unintended Consequences
PFF's Releases Aspen Summit Agenda Preview
Keynotes Include FTC's Majoras, SAP CEO McDermott, Qwest CEO Notebaert
06/12/06 PFF and ICRA Hold Joint Brussels Roundtable
EU Commissioner Viviane Reding to Offer Opening Address
06/08/06 Orphan Works: A Search for Solutions
PFF Releases Transcript of March Event on Orphan Works
05/30/06 Webcast Interest Added to Music Licensing Panel
Friday's Congressional Seminar to Examine Issues Surrounding PERFORM Act
PFF Expands Development Outreach
Barbara Kelly to Assist Think Tank’s Growing International Reach
PFF Examines Music Licensing in a Digital Age
June 2nd Congressional Seminar on Licensing, Rate-Setting and DRM
Data Security Mandates Disadvantage Small Business
Lenard Testifies to House Subcommittee on Regulatory Burdens
05/19/06 PFF, May Announce Free State Foundation Longtime Senior
Fellow to Head Maryland-Based Think Tank
Canada Struggling with WIPO Obligations
Weak Copyright Protection and Lack of Circumvention Laws Cited
05/17/06 Overlapping Patent Exposure Can Deter Holdouts
IP Academic Advisory Council Member Proposes New Licensing Approach
05/16/06 PFF Luncheon to Feature Comcast CEO Roberts
CEO Luncheon, Scheduled for June 6th, to Include Media Analysts
05/11/06 DMCA Permits Trust in Digital Market: Despite Flaws, Content Providers Use of Barriers Preserves Viability of Market
05/01/06 Panelists Announced for May 10th Security Summit
Panels to Explore Roles of Consumers, Public and Private Sector in Security
04/25/06 The "White Space": What to Do With It
PFF Releases Transcript of March Spectrum Allocation Debate
04/24/06 PFF Hosting May 10th Security Summit
FTC Chairwoman Majoras to Give Keynote Address
04/19/06 PFF's Aspen Summit Celebrates 12th Year
Early Registration Discount Offered Until June 30th
04/13/06 IP Rights Championed in Brazil at PFF Event: Brazilian Congressman Organizing Follow-Up Hearing
04/12/06 Many Tools Available to Parents for Content Control
Tools, Not Legislation, Should Protect Children from Offensive Content
04/10/06 PFF IP Conference in Buenos Aires is Success
IP Conference in Sao Paulo is Tomorrow
04/03/06 Fellows Promote IP Protection in South America
PFF Staff Travels to Brazil, Argentina to Co-Host Events on Intellectual Property
03/30/06 Incorporate Competition Standard in "Net Neutrality"
PFF's May Testifies Before U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee
03/29/06 Statewide Video Franchise Benefits Missouri
Lassman Sees Savings from Less Overhead, More Competition
03/28/06 Caprio Joins PFF as Executive VP
Commerce Dept. Official, FTC Veteran Accepts New Leadership Post
03/27/06 Panelists Announced for Orphan Works Event
Experts to Discuss Proposed Legislative Language, Copyright Issues
03/21/06 Orphan Works: A Search for Solutions
PFF Hosts Event to Discuss Issues Surrounding Copyrighted Orphan Works
03/20/06 The "White Space"
What to Do With It: PFF Hosts Event this Friday on Spectrum White Space
03/20/06 Video Game Legislation Based on Myths
Thierer States Intervention in Gaming Industry Unnecessary, Unconstitutional.
03/20/06 DACA Group Opposes Net Neutrality Mandate: Regulatory Working Group Prefers Competition-Based Standard.
03/16/06 PFF to Co-Host Conferences in Brazil, Argentina
Foundation to Promote Importance of Intellectual Property in South America
03/14/06 Property Rights Would Lead to Efficient Spectrum Use
DACA Spectrum Working Group Co-Chair Testifies On Capitol Hill
03/08/06 DACA Releases Spectrum Reform Proposal
Working Group Sees Efficiency, Innovation from Market-Based Allocation
03/01/06 Panels Confirmed for March 9 DACA Conference
Event to Address Video Franchising, Net Neutrality, USF, and Spectrum Reform
02/28/06 Property Rights Protect Both Artists and Culture
PFF's Ross Disputes Idea that Internet has Changed Role of IP
02/23/06 Broadcast Radio Needs Level Playing Field
Rep Upton's Radio Ownership Reform Proposal
is Constructive First Step
02/21/06 DeMint, Blackburn, Armey to Address DACA Event
March 9th All-Day Conference to Address DACA Working Group Proposals
02/14/06 DRM is Not the Enemy
IP Academic Advisory Council Member Views DRM as Self-Help Remedy
02/13/06 Libertarians Can Support IP Protection
Professor Epstein Addresses Split with 'Classical Liberals'
02/09/06 "Loser Pays" Rule Could Deter Patent Trolls
Singleton Cites Incentive to Litigate, Not Settle, Nuisance Suits
02/08/06 PFF Notes 10th Anniversary of Telecom Act
May Bemoans Lack of Institutional Reform
02/07/06 Net Neutrality Mandate Would Harm Innovation
PFF's Dixon Testifies Before Senate Commerce Committee
02/06/06 Securing the Internet Project Outlines Security Roles
PFF Project Announces May 10th Internet Security Summit
01/17/06 PFF Hosts IP Summit in Prague
Materials, Information Available on PFF Site
01/05/06 Digital Europe 2006 Agenda Complete
Prague Conference Features Policymakers, Scholars on IP
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