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The Center for Digital Media Freedom
Mission Statement

The Center for Digital Media Freedom will protect America's sacred First Amendment heritage and promote enlightened public policy regarding all forms of communications. Our goal is maximizing media freedom both in a structural (business) sense and a social (speech-related) sense. We hope to remove the shackles that limit the market flexibility of media operators, while ensuring freedom of speech and expression throughout society.

Identifying the appropriate role for regulators is an essential mission of the Center for Media Freedom. Importantly, we will draw links between structural and social media controls, which are typically treated as unrelated public policy concerns. Indeed, the regulation of media architecture has an important bearing on freedom of speech. If government can control the soapbox, it can control the speech delivered from that soapbox.

Finally, with new media technologies and outlets radically reshaping communications and challenging traditional regulatory assumptions, the Center for Media Freedom will advocate an immediate end to asymmetrical regulation of various media services and providers. We consider all media equal in the eyes of the First Amendment. In an age of rapid technological change and convergence, the Center for Media Freedom will make it clear that traditional government controls on media are increasingly unjust, indefensible, and ultimately unsustainable.

See press release on the launch of the Center for Digital Media Freedom.



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