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  • Thierer to Speak at CES Roundtable
    PFF President Adam Thierer has been invited to participate in an Internet Safety Roundtable at the 2010 CES in Las Vegas.  Panelists will discuss online safety tools and methods at the luncheon discussion scheduled for Friday, January 8th.  More information is available on the 2010 CES website.
  • Thierer, Szoka Participate in FTC Privacy Workshops
    In early December, PFF President Adam Thierer and Senior Fellow Berin Szoka participated in the first of three "Exploring Privacy" roundtables hosted by the Federal Trade Commission.  Thierer spoke on the Consumer Expectations and Disclosures panel and Szoka participated in the panel on Online Behavioral Advertising.  More information is available on the FTC website.
  • Szoka Debates Privacy and Online Advertising
    Earlier this month, PFF Senior Fellow Berin Szoka participated in an event on privacy and online advertising hosted by the Information Technology and Innovations Foundation.  At "Targeted Online Advertising: The Savior of the Web or Fundamental Threat to Privacy?" panelists discussed behavioral advertising and possible regulation.  Video of the event can be found on the ITIF website.
  • Esbin Speaks on Financing Wireless Broadband
    In October, PFF Senior Fellow Barbara Esbin spoke at a Wireless U. Communications Policy Seminar hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, CTIA-The Wireless Association and the University of Florida Public Utility Research Center.  Esbin participated in a panel on financing wireless broadband and the role of public policy.  A copy of her remarks can be found on the PFF website.
  • Sydnor Discusses Copyright and the Economy
    Late last month, PFF Senior Fellow Tom Sydnor joined other experts on copyright issues to discuss the role of copyright in the economy.  The luncheon event, hosted by Dow Lohnes, discussed such issues as measuring the impact of copyright on the economy, emerging business models, consumer expectations, and government responses to copyright issues.


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