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CONTACT: Tori Katz
July 26, 2007
(410) 466-0049

New Aspen Summit Panel Announced:
"Let's Make a Deal: Getting Content & Tech to the Table"

Experts to Discuss Copyright Issues in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World

WASHINGTON D.C. - The 13th Annual Aspen Summit hosted by The Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF) will highlight the challenges that information and media sector providers face in a digital world. A new panel announced today, "Let's Make a Deal: Getting Content & Tech to the Table," will explore the sensitive and highly charged copyright issues faced by content creators and distributors.

Experts from academia and industry will discuss the difficulty of bringing content owners and distributors to the bargaining table and keeping them there to reach agreement, examining success stories and problem areas. Questions to be addressed will include: How should network and equipment makers protect content? Who pays for the digital rights management and other protective technologies? What ground rules for liability help maintain incentives to deal? And, what if licenses are too fragmented to be negotiated?

Participants in the panel discussion will include:

  • Solveig Singleton (Moderator), Senior Adjunct Fellow, The Progress & Freedom Foundation
  • Alan Bell, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Paramount Pictures
  • Stan Liebowitz, Ashbell Smith Professor of Economics, University of Texas, Dallas
  • Bill Rosenblatt, Founder, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies  
  • Thomas Rubin, Associate General Counsel for Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secrets, Microsoft Corporation (invited)
  • Matt Zinn, Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer, TiVo

Singleton will also moderate a working dinner discussion on copyright with a theme of, "How Much Free Can We Take: DRM-Free, Free Riders, and Production." The discussion will address a wide variety of pressing issues such as the perceived "open season" on content; DRM-free business models; how free-riding impacts production; and how consumer expectations can best be met.

Visit the PFF website for a complete agenda and further details about the 2007 PFF Aspen Summit at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado. General registration can be performed online or contact Brooke Glass at or (202) 289-8928. Members of the media will have their registration fees waived and should contact Tori Katz at or (410) 466-0049.

The Progress & Freedom Foundation is a market-oriented think tank that studies the digital revolution and its implications for public policy. It is a 501(c)(3) research & educational organization.



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