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12/21/05 Net Neutrality in a Post-Brand X World: PFF Releases Transcript of Net Neutrality Event
12/20/05 Corporate Structuring Could Benefit PTO: Singleton Weighs the Pros and Cons of Restructuring Approaches
12/15/05 PFF Leaders Praise DeMint Telecom Bill: Competition Based Regulatory Regime Proposed
12/08/05 Deregulation Would Level Local Radio Playing Field: Thierer Cites Regulatory Disparities, Media Convergence
12/07/05 Forum Today on Universal Service Reform: DACA Working Group To Release Update of Preliminary Report
11/29/05 PFF Co-Hosts IP Summit in Prague: 2nd Annual Digital Europe in January
11/18/05 Sununu to Keynote PFF Event: DACA Workshop on Universal Service Reform
11/16/05 DeLong Questions Fair Use Doctrine on Hill:
Testifies before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee
11/15/05 PFF Names Panelists for Google Print Event:
Copyright, Fair Use on Agenda at Friday Congressional Seminar
11/10/05 PFF Launches IP Academic Advisory Council: Council Seeks to Draw Attention to Property Rights
11/09/05 FCC Indecency Complaint Counts Questioned: PFF's Thierer Notes Methodology Changes are Boosting Numbers
11/08/05 Gutenberg Meets Google: PFF Hosts Event to Discuss Implications of Google Print Project
11/07/05 Federalist Principles Needed in Telecom Reform:
State, Federal Roles Should Reflect Evolving Communications Technology
10/26/05 Interconnection Regulation to be Debated: Seminar to Address Interconnection in Telecom, Other Networked Industries
10/25/05 Orson Swindle Joins PFF: Distinguished Fellow Will Lead Project on 'Securing the Internet'
10/24/05 Universal Service Reform Proposed: DACA Working Group Eyes Funding Cap, Block Grants, Numbers Tax
10/20/05 DACA Revises Federal-State Framework: Release 2.01 Clarifies State Jurisdiction, Addresses Local Regulation
10/19/05 Kelo Decision Could Impact IP Rights: PFF's DeLong Testifies On Capitol Hill
10/18/05 Regulation Not Needed For Interconnection:
PFF Releases Special Report on Networked Industries
10/14/05 Brand X v. FCC: What's Next? PFF Releases Transcript of Congressional Seminar
10/13/05 Market-Inspired Approach Needed for Patent Reform: Patent Quality Reform Should Include Internal, External Changes
10/04/05 DACA Forum Proposed Market-Oriented Model: PFF Releases Transcript from June 21st Event
09/30/05 American Standards System has Unique Evolution: First Paper in Series Explores Standards Creation by Private Firms
09/15/05 Experts to Address Net Neutrality After Brand X: Panel to Join Former U.S. Rep. Tauke at PFF Conference
09/14/05 Clear Channel CEO Mays to Speak at Oct. 3rd Event: PFF's CEO Luncheon Series to Include Media Analysts
09/13/05 Property Rights Remain Central to Progress: Gifford Cites Historical Precedents Countering Commons Model
09/09/05 Cable Ownership Limits Unnecessary: Thierer, English Cite Digital Migration in FCC Comments
09/08/05 Net Neutrality and Mandates to be Debated: Former U.S. Rep. Tauke to Keynote PFF Event
08/29/05 Dr. John Rutledge Joins PFF Board: Key Developer of Reagan Economic Strategy
08/26/05 Media Monopolies Are a Myth: Thierer and English Cite Declining Market Capitalizations
08/24/05 Myhrvold Stresses Invention at Aspen Summit: Perkins Promotes IP in Separate Address
08/23/05 News from the Summit: Daily updates on PFF's
Aspen Summit
08/23/05 Owens Calls for U.S. Telecom Vision: Nortel CEO Addresses PFF Aspen Summit
08/23/05 Bronfman Promises E-Label at Aspen Summit: Warner Music Group CEO Wants Digital-Only Music Releases
08/22/05 News from the Summit: Daily updates on PFF's
Aspen Summit
08/22/05 2005 Digital Economy Fact Book Released: Seventh Edition Adds New Features
08/22/05 Sun COO Schwartz Announces Project DReaM at Aspen Summit: Open Media Commons Initiative To Address Digital Rights Management
08/19/05 Industry and Policy Leaders Gather in Aspen: PFF's Aspen Summit Commences This Sunday, August 21st
08/17/05 MGM v. Grokster: What's Next?: PFF Releases Transcript of July 8th Congressional Seminar
08/11/05 Brand X Decision Raises Broader Questions: May Views Case as "Major Administrative Law Decision"
08/09/05 Data Security to be Examined at Aspen Summit: Dinner on Policy Responses to Data Security Breaches
08/04/05 Rep. Marsha Blackburn to Speak at Aspen Summit: Communications and Spectrum Reform Featured on Aspen Agenda
08/03/05 Tech and the Media Highlighted at Aspen Summit: Media and Tech Converge - Should Regulations Follow Suit?
08/02/05 Standard-Setting: Best Left to Markets: DeLong Promotes Organizations Over Governments
08/01/05 Tom Perkins to Give Aspen Chairman's Address: Silicon Valley Founding Father Helped Build Venture Capital Empire
07/28/05 Patent Issues Examined at Aspen Summit:
Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Intellectual Ventures CEO, to Give Keynote
07/26/05 Compulsory Licensing Dire for Digital Content: PFF's Ross Finds Danger in Government Management of IP Compensation
07/25/05 Copyright Debate Permeates Aspen Agenda: Warner Music Group CEO Bronfman, Others Speak at Summit
07/21/05 Internet Challenges Regulatory Jurisdictions: Second DACA Working Group Addresses Federal-State Framework
07/20/05 Notification Doesn't Benefit Consumers: PFF Study Faults Data Breach Notification Mandates
07/19/05 Communications Policy Reform on Aspen Agenda: CEOs, Senior Hill Officials Discuss the Digital Future
07/18/05 Measuring Media Ownership 'Meaningless': Owen Dismisses Flawed Models as FCC Weighs Rules
07/18/05 Data Security Seminar Complete: Cavicke, Rotenberg Join PFF Congressional Seminar Friday
07/14/05 PFF Addresses Data Security and Privacy: PFF Congressional Seminar Set for July 22
07/13/05 Adelphia Purchase Benefits Consumers: FCC Told of Merits of Comcast-Time Warner Acquisition
07/12/05 Additions to Brand X Congressional Seminar: Carey, Rogovin, Davidson Complete PFF's "What's Next?" Panel
07/11/05 PFF Moves to Larger Headquarters: Growing Think Tank Finds More Space
07/07/05 Brand X Decision to be Debated on Hill: PFF Congressional Seminar Eyes What's Next
07/06/05 Friday Grokster Panel Complete: PFF Congressional Seminar to Include Burger's Tech Perspective
07/01/05 MGM v. Grokster: What's Next?: Sherman, Deutsch, Sohn Join DeLong on PFF Panel
06/30/05 'Thought Leaders' Converge on Aspen: Early Registration Discount Extended One Week
06/29/05 PFF Continues Study of Grokster, Brand X: New Publications Look Beyond Monday's Opinions
06/27/05 Grokster Remand Welcomed by PFF Fellows: DeLong, Singleton See Consumer Win in 9-0 Decision
06/27/05 PFF Fellow Welcomes Brand X Decision: Dixon Cites Victory for Consumers
06/20/05 Pickering to Speak at DACA Event: Author of Telecom Reform Legislation Responds to Proposal
06/17/05 FTC Model Proposed for FCC: First DACA Working Group Paper Released, Event June 21
06/16/05 Media Ownership Rules to be Debated: PFF Event Comes as High Court Denies Cert in Case
06/15/05 Ensign, Abernathy to Address DACA Forum: Communications Law Reform Proposal To Be Debated
06/10/05 Thierer's Media Myths Published: Book to be Debated at June 24 Event
06/07/05 DACA Working Group Proposal Coming: Public Forum to be Held for Feedback, Debate
06/06/05 Analysts Added to June 14 Glickman Lunch: Motley Fool's Gardner, Legg Mason's Levin and Precursor's Baca
06/01/05 FCC Self-Restraint Needed on Mergers: May Urges Against Imposition of 'Voluntary' Conditions
05/26/05 MPAA CEO Dan Glickman to Speak June 14: Latest in PFF CEO Luncheon Series
05/23/05 U.S. Regulatory Framework Flawed: In Europe, May Contrasts EU Model to U.S.
05/18/05 Court Would Reject Broader Indecency Rules: Corn-Revere Cites First Amendment Cases in New Paper
05/16/05 New Speakers at Broadcast Flag Event: Godwin, Sidman Join PFF Seminar May 20
05/13/05 High Court Must Address Patent Obviousness: Circuit Standard Flawed, PFF Fellows Argue in Brief
05/10/05 Broadcast Flag’s Future Debated on Hill: PFF to Host Congressional Seminar May 20
05/06/05 Gilder Discusses The Silicon Eye: PFF, Discovery Institute Co-Sponsor Book Discussion
05/05/05 Regulators Must Treat 'Parity' Calls with Caution: Gifford, Dixon Offer Principles for Policymakers
05/04/05 States Best Regulators for Utility Broadband: Peters Testifies on Capitol Hill
05/02/05 Mandated Online Tax Collection Misguided: Lenard Sees Few Large States Imposing Will on Less Populated Ones
04/29/05 Telecom Regulatory Reform Essential: Thierer Offers Priorities for Telecom Act Rewrite
04/28/05 Safety Spectrum Must Be Used Efficiently: Lenard Urges FCC to Consider Property Model
04/26/05 FCC Deference to DoJ Urged on Mergers: May Says Agency Also Must Resist Conditions on SBC-AT&T
04/21/05 Senate Bill Threatens First Amendment: Thierer Also Sees S-616 as Step Toward Internet Regulation
04/18/05 China Must Embrace Competition: Telecom Policy Should Encourage Growth, Zielinski Says
04/12/05 Consumer-Focused Regulation Needed: May Says Court Case Shows Need for New Framework
04/11/05 Philly Wi-Fi Plan Endangers Taxpayers: Lenard, Thierer Cite Flaws in Municipal Broadband Plan
04/07/05 New Panelist for April 8 Indecency Seminar: Disney's Preston Padden to Provide Contrasting View
04/06/05 Let Markets Decide Music Interoperability: Gifford in Testimony Urges Congress Not to Interfere
04/04/05 April 8 Indecency Seminar Update: Allbritton's Fritz Will Bring a Broadcaster's Perspective
03/31/05 Standards Mandates Should be Resisted: Markets Should Decide Winners and Losers
03/30/05 Voluntary Openness Can Benefit Cable: Dixon Hopes to Avoid Openness Mandates
03/25/05 Supreme Court Can Protect IP and Innovation: Balance Needed in Grokster Case
03/25/05 Supreme Court Can Spur Broadband: Overturning Brand X Encourages Investment
03/17/05 The Indecency Debate - April 8: Bills Targeting Cable, Satellite are Focus of Capitol Hill Panel
03/16/05 PFF Fellows Welcome Martin as FCC Chairman: Foundation Scholars See Challenges Ahead
03/15/05 DOT Regulation of CRS is Overreach: PFF Files Amicus to Protect Digital Technology
03/10/05 U.S. Patent System Needs Reform: DeLong Says Bad Patents Don't Justify System's Destruction
03/07/05 Thierer Joins Progress & Freedom Foundation: Cato, Heritage Alumna to Head New Media Center
02/15/05 Open, Closed Standards Can Interoperate: Open Source Mandates Ill-Advised, PFF Fellows Say
02/14/05 Markets Best for Deciding Standards: Interoperability Approaches Debated in Milan
02/01/05 Digital Age Communications Act Launched: PFF Joins with Veterans of Last 5 Administrations
01/31/05 PFF Comments on SBC-AT&T Merger: Fellows Cite Competitive Communications Landscape
01/31/05 PFF Launching Major Policy Initiative: Communications in the Digital Age to be Addressed
01/27/05 Middle Ground Lacking in P2P Debate: PFF Author Faults Public Knowledge as Unconstructive
01/26/05 Open Source, Open Standards Examined: Topics Focus of PFF Digital Europe in Milan, Brussels
01/24/05 High Court Must Balance Sony, Eldred: PFF in Brief Urges Grokster be Overturned
01/24/05 Time to Remake FCC for Digital Age: New Chairman, Reform Legislation Opens Door, Says May
01/21/05 PFF Praises Powell, Pro-Consumer Legacy: FCC Chairman Thanked for Embracing Free Markets
01/18/05 Competition Undermines Universal Service: New Study Shows Growing Subsidies, Diminished Returns to Consumers
01/11/05 IBM Patent Move Raises Questions: PFF's DeLong Notes Software Maker Retains Rights
01/10/05 Third Analyst Added to Kahn Luncheon: Prudential Securities' Lucier Joins Internet Co-Founder Jan. 12
01/06/05 Expert Analysts Added to Kahn Luncheon: Legg Mason's Levin, Precursor's Freeman Join Internet Co-founder Jan. 12
01/04/05 Congress Should Revive Agency Reform Effort: May Urges Return of Administrative Conference of the U.S.
01/03/05 Internet Co-Founder Speaks Jan. 12: TCP/IP Co-Developer Kahn on Information Management on the Net
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