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12/22/09 Wireless Investment, Innovation and Competition
PFF Releases Transcript of October Event on Wireless Issues
12/17/09 Internet Regulation Threatens Free Expression
Corn-Revere Warns of Constitutional Ramifications of Network Neutrality Debate
12/16/09 Ferree Statement on FTC Action against Intel
12/16/09 Szoka Statement on Settlement of European Antitrust in Microsoft Case
12/15/09 Szoka Statement on Food Marketing & Childhood Obesity
12/11/09 Let's Make a Deal: Broadcasters, Mobile Broadband, and a Market in Spectrum
PFF Releases Transcript of Event
12/09/09 Szoka Statement on Facebook Privacy Controls Upgrade
12/09/09 Case for Net Neutrality Has Not Been Made
Esbin Offers Further Thoughts on Network Neutrality Debate
12/03/09 Ferree Statement on Comcast / NBC Universal Deal
12/02/09 Media Merger Hysteria Rarely Warranted
Thierer Says Agencies should Avoid "Micro-Managing" Mergers
11/23/09 Let's Make a Deal: Broadcasters, Mobile Broadband, and a Market in Spectrum
Speakers Finalized for December 1st Discussion Panel
11/19/09 Let's Make a Deal: Broadcasters, Mobile Broadband, and a Market in Spectrum
Speakers Added to December 1st Discussion Panel
11/18/09 New gTLD Expressions of Interest: Proceed with Caution
Palage Offers Suggestions to Ensure Useful Insight is Gathered in Process
11/16/09 Let's Make a Deal: Broadcasters, Mobile Broadband, and a Market in Spectrum
PFF Hosts December 1st Event on Spectrum Allocation
11/10/09 Further Regulation of Online Information Could Harm Consumers
Berin Szoka Submits Comments for December FTC Privacy Roundtables
11/09/09 EU "Browser Ballot" Mandate Unnecessary
Marcus, Szoka Submit Comments to European Commission
11/05/09 Parental Controls Event Transcript Available
September Event Focused on Child Safety for Wireless, Gaming Technologies
11/04/09 Ferree Statement on Antitrust Lawsuit against Intel
11/03/09 Ownership Rules Harming Broadcast Media
Ferree Testifies at FCC Media Ownership Workshop
10/30/09 Online Advertising Event Transcript Available
PFF Releases Transcript of Panel Discussion on Benefits of Online Advertising
10/22/09 Sydnor Praises French Graduated-Response Law
10/22/09 Esbin Statement on Net Neutrality NPRM
10/22/09 Video Marketplace is a Pro-Consumer Success
Thierer Testifies on Video Competition before House Commerce Committee
10/16/09 Adam Thierer Named PFF President
Ferree Steps Down, will Remain Active on Foundation Board
10/15/09 Ronald Coase's The Federal Communications Commission at 50
PFF / Mercatus Center Event to Feature Remarks by FCC Commissioner McDowell
10/09/09 Event: Wireless Investment, Innovation & Competition
Wayne Leighton Added to Oct 19th Discussion Panel
10/06/09 Event: Wireless Investment, Innovation & Competition
Speakers at Oct 19th Event Include Analysts, Industry Reps, Policy Experts
09/30/09 Education is Best Way for Congress to Address Cyberbullying
PFF Fellows Submit Written Comments for Online Child Safety Hearing
09/30/09 Palage Statement on ICANN Affirmation of Commitments
09/24/09 Panelists Announced for October 19th Wireless Event
Speakers to Include Analysts, Industry Reps, Policy Expert
09/21/09 Panelists Announced for Parental Controls Event
September 25th Event to Feature Microsoft VP Steve Crown, Industry Expert
09/21/09 Ferree Statement on Net Neutrality
09/17/09 Next-Generation Parental Controls & Child Safety
September 25th Event to Feature Microsoft VP Steve Crown
09/16/09 Wireless Investment, Innovation & Competition: Advance or Retreat?
PFF Hosts October 19th Event on Wireless Regulation
09/09/09 Child Safety not a Factor in Broadband Adoption
Thierer Participates in FCC Workshop on Broadband and Consumer Issues
09/01/09 Szoka Statement on Demands for Privacy Regulation
PFF Fellow Says Preemptive Regulations Would Harm Consumers
08/28/09 Ferree Statement on Cable Ownership Cap Ruling
08/27/09 Maine COPPA Expansion Law is Unconstitutional
PFF Fellows Says State Statute Creates Slippery Slope to Online Age Verification
08/26/09 Choosing the Right Path to a Permanent Accountability Framework for ICANN
More Time Is Needed to Develop Accountability Framework
08/24/09 ICANN & Internet Governance Transcript Available
PFF Releases Transcript of Spring Event
08/18/09 Online Child Safety, Privacy and Free Speech
PFF Releases Transcript of July Panel on Legislative Challenges
08/11/09 Elitism Unites Efforts to Regulate Speech & Privacy
Regulatory Advocates Share Common Themes & Approaches
08/10/09 FCC Lacks General Authority to Regulate Internet
PFF, Law Professors File Amicus Brief in Comcast v FCC
08/04/09 Undue Process at The FCC
Esbin and Marcus Publish Journal Article on FCC's Comcast P2P Order
07/31/09 Sydnor Statement on Sony v. Tenenbaum
07/30/09 ICANN Should Guard Against New TLD Speculation
Palage Urges Safeguards and Consultation With Trademark Community
07/29/09 P2P Software Features Encourage Inadvertent Sharing
Sydnor Testifies for U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
07/27/09 PFF Releases New Edition of Parental Controls & Online Child Protection
Report Version 4.0 Includes Updated Sections on Social Networking and Mobile Media
07/23/09 Broadband Competition: Half Empty or Half Full?
PFF Releases Transcript of June Broadband Event
07/21/09 U.S. Broadband Policy Unfairly Criticized
Ferree Files Reply Comments Regarding National Broadband Plan
07/20/09 Event: Online Child Safety, Privacy, and Free Speech
July 27th Event to Discuss Child Safety Proposals in Congress & the States
07/13/09 Event: Online Child Safety, Privacy, and Free Speech
July 27th Event to Discuss Legislative Proposals for Online Safety
07/08/09 Inadvertent File-Sharing Still a Threat
Sydnor Outlines Approaches to Remediate Inadvertent Sharing
07/08/09 Internet Safety Recommendations Released
PointSmart.ClickSafe Task Force Urges Holistic Approach to Safety
07/02/09 Szoka Statement on Online Advertising Principles
06/30/09 Online Advertising Event Panelists Confirmed
July 10th Event to Explore Costs of Online Advertising & Privacy Regulation
06/25/09 Ferree Statement on Nomination of Meredith Baker to FCC
06/25/09 PFF Event: Online Advertising Regulation
July 10th Event to Explore Costs for Consumers, Culture and Journalism
06/19/09 Education is Best Way for Congress to Address Cyberbullying
PFF Fellows Say Criminalization is Wrong Approach
06/19/09 Rule of Law Prevails in Capitol Records, Inc. v. Thomas
Thomas Sydnor Statement on Filesharing Verdict
06/17/09 Exclusive Handset-Carrier Deals Promote Competition
Esbin Testifies on Wireless Issues Before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee
06/09/09 ICANN 3.0 Should "Refocus" on Original Purpose
Palage Files Comments for NTIA Notice of Inquiry
06/08/09 Broadband Plan Should Support Private Investment
Ferree, Esbin File Comments Regarding National Broadband Plan
06/04/09 Broadband: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
Two More Speakers Added to Broadband Competition Event Panel
05/28/09 Panelists Confirmed for Broadband Competition Event
June 12th Seminar to Feature Economists Involved in Communications Issues
05/21/09 COPPA Expansion Would Impact All Internet Users
Better Approaches are Available to Protect Children Online
05/13/09 Ferree Statement on Intel Antitrust Ruling
05/05/09 Informed P2P User Act Would Enhance Existing Law
Sydnor Testifies before U.S. House Consumer Protection Subcommittee
05/01/09 Broadband Competition: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
PFF Hosts June 12th Event on Broadband Platform Competition and Consumer Benefits
04/28/09 Supreme Court Ruling a Blow to First Amendment
Thierer Says FCC v. Fox Ruling an Exercise in Futility
04/20/09 ICANN President Paul Twomey Joins Friday's Panel
April 24th Event to Discuss Internet Governance and Registry Issues
04/17/09 Sydnor Statement
On Pirate Bay Verdict
04/16/09 Panelists Confirmed for Internet Governance Event
Speakers at April 24th Event to Discuss ICANN, Registry Issues
04/15/09 FCC Should Tread Carefully in Content Blocking Proceeding
Thierer Files Comments with FCC on Parental Control Technologies
04/10/09 Broadband Stimulus Should Catalyze Investment
Esbin, Ferree File Comments Regarding "Recovery Act" Broadband Provisions
04/09/09 Aspen Summit at Sundance Postponed
04/08/09 PFF Event: ICANN & Internet Governance
April 24th Congressional Seminar to Explore Internet Governance Issues
04/06/09 Thierer Appointed to Online Safety Working Group
NTIA Working Group to Report on Industry Online Child Safety Efforts
03/30/09 "Set-Aside" Infringes on Equal Protection, Free Speech Rights
Ferree Submits Comments on XM-Sirius Satellite Radio Merger Condition
03/25/09 ICANN Implementation Recommendation Team Launched
Palage Suggests Procedural & Substantive Safeguards
03/24/09 "Functional Separation" Unsuitable for All Markets
Italian Regulatory Model Dependent on Competitive and Legal Framework
03/12/09 Patents Not Responsible for "Knowledge Gap"
Rosenzweig Offers Rebuttal to Critiques of U.S. Patent System
03/10/09 U.S. Law Provides a Making-Available Right
Sydnor Releases In-Depth Analysis of Copyright Act
02/27/09 Media Parental Control Need Over-Estimated
Policy Decisions Should Not Be Made on Uptake Rates of All Households
02/24/09 Satellite Video Regulatory Structure Outdated
PFF's Ferree Testifies Before U.S. House Communications Subcommittee
02/19/09 Palage Statement on ICANN's Second Draft gTLD Guidebook
02/18/09 Patent Venue Reform Proposals Flawed
PFF's Rosenzweig Proposes Legislative Language to Clarify Venue Standards
02/17/09 Critical Changes Needed in ICANN's gTLD Draft Guide
PFF's Palage Suggests Five Policy Recommendations
02/13/09 Privacy Mandates Could Be End of "Free" Internet
Szoka and Thierer Warn of FTC Interference in Online Advertising Market
02/06/09 2009 Aspen Summit to Be Held in Sundance, Utah
15th Annual Summit to Be Held August 9th - 11th at Sundance Resort
01/30/09 Video Competition Negates Need for FCC Intervention: Even Belated Video Competition Report Shows Greater Consumer Choice
01/16/09 Rosenzweig Named PFF Visiting Fellow
Sidney A. Rosenzweig to Concentrate on Patent and Copyright Issues
01/14/09 Internet Safety Task Force Report Released
Thierer Applauds Work of Task Force, Urges Holistic Approach to Safety
01/13/09 Ferree Statement on Nomination of Genachowski to FCC
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