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CONTACT: Amy Smorodin
August 30, 2007
(202) 289-8928
Schmidt Calls for "Free and Open" Internet
PFF Publishes Google CEO's Remarks from 2007 Aspen Summit

WASHINGTON D.C. - The global growth of the Internet has spurred by the principles of open standards and interoperability, Google, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt told attendees at The Progress & Freedom Foundation's 2007 Aspen Summit. In his speech, Schmidt outlined four "calls to action" to ensure the continued growth of the Internet: protecting freedom of speech, promoting universal broadband access, assuring network neutrality and making government more transparent. PFF is publishing a transcript of Dr. Schmidt’s remarks and the subsequent question and answer session from the Summit's Chairman's Dinner on August 21st.

In his address, Schmidt described the Internet as being an emerging global platform for business and free expression. "We need to defend freedom of speech as more goes online," he explained, stating that the increased globalization of the Internet creates a sense of urgency in protecting free speech. Schmidt also envisions a role for the Internet in promoting transparency in government. "We take for granted that the standards of transparency that we have, the auditing, and the reporting records, are standard everywhere. They're not," he explained.

Schmidt also voiced concern regarding broadband deployment in the U.S. He expressed his support for universal broadband access, envisioning a role for both government and industry in order to preserve U.S. competitiveness. Schmidt also advocated the principle of network neutrality. "No entity that controls the last mile whether it's a telco or a cable company," he stated, "should be able to control the content that flows over it." He explained that a neutrality principle could preserve the current architecture that has allowed the Internet to flourish.

During the question and answer session following the speech, Schmidt further addressed such issues as wireless competition and child online safety. While cautioning that Google is still evaluating the rules for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, Schmidt indicated that Google “probably” would decide to participate in the auction.

A transcript of Schmidt's remarks from the Aspen Summit is available on the PFF web site, as is an archived video of Schmidt's August 21st address. For more information, contact Amy Smorodin at 202-289-8928 or

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