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12/19/08 Palage Statement: ICANN Draft Proposal to Allow More Generic Top-Level Domains
12/19/08 Choices Abound for Digital Media Distribution: Variety of Business Models Illustrate Industry Response to Consumer Preference
12/09/08 Esbin Statement: House Commerce Committee's Report on the Federal Communications Commission
12/04/08 Thomas Reforms Could Endanger Consumers: Sydnor Finds Advisory Opinion Mischaracterizes Facts in File-sharing Case
12/03/08 Limits on Cable Operators Should be Struck Down: Subscriber Limits are Unconstitutional, Unneeded in Today's Media Marketplace
11/20/08 FCC Cable Rate Probe Questioned: Esbin Raises Numerous Process, Statutory Concerns
11/17/08 Thomas Decision Unreasoned, Unreasonable: Sydnor Finds Judge's Analysis of Making-Available Right Deeply Flawed
11/04/08 Thierer on FCC v. Fox Supreme Court Arguments: Comments On Broadcast Indecency Regulation Case
10/22/08 PFF Formally Launches Center for Internet Freedom: Szoka to Head Center Focusing on Internet Policy
10/02/08 A Manifesto for Media Freedom: PFF's Adam Thierer and Manhattan Institute's Brian Anderson Release Book Examining Threats to Media and Speech
09/25/08 Sydnor Statement on Overturn of Thomas Verdict: Judge's Reasoning is "Fatally Flawed"
09/25/08 FCC Reforms Needed at Institutional Level: Esbin: FCC PROCCESS Act Reforms Good Start, Do Not Go Far Enough
09/22/08 Product Placement Regulation Unnecessary: Ferree and Thierer Respond to Possible FCC Advertisement Regulation
09/09/08 U.S. Has Right Approach to Broadband: Eisenach Says Infrastructure Competition Key to Next Generation Infrastructure
09/03/08 China's Rise Offers Historic Economic Lessons: New PFF Research Shows Three Decades of Chinese Growth Based on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
08/22/08 Legal and Procedural Flaws May Doom FCC's Comcast Ruling: Esbin Raises Numerous Due Process, Administrative Procedure Act Concerns
08/11/08 Aspen Working Dinners Address Key Policy Issues: Topics Include Online Child Safety and Privacy, the U.S. and China, Patent Reform and Spectrum Policy
08/08/08 Music and Technology Expert Jim Griffin to Speak at Aspen: Digital Distribution Pioneer to Keynote PFF 2008 Aspen Summit
08/08/08 Supreme Court Should Uphold Reversal of FCC Indecency Regulation: PFF and CDT File Amicus Brief in FCC v. Fox Television Case
08/06/08 Online Copyright Enforcement Discussed at Aspen: Panel Will Discuss Improving Enforcement Mechanism
08/05/08 Global Economy Explored at Aspen: Panel to Discuss Globalization and American Competitiveness
08/04/08 FCC Should Expedite Sprint Nextel / Clearwire Deal: Ferree and Esbin Submit Comments to Federal Communications Commission
08/01/08 PFF's Esbin on FCC Finding That Comcast Violated Network Neutrality Principles: Legally and Procedurally Suspect and Misguided as a Matter of Policy
07/30/08 Intl. Dignitaries Discuss Telecom at Aspen Summit: NTIA's Meredith Baker to Present Special Remarks at Opening Reception
07/25/08 Perspectives on Broadband at Aspen Summit: Panel to Discuss Next Generation Network Policy
07/24/08 Online Advertising Marketplace Discussed at Aspen: Market Power and Privacy Issues Focus of Aspen Summit Panel
07/21/08 PFF's Ferree on Appeals Court Dismissal of FCC Indecency Fine
07/18/08 Intermediary Liability Debated at Aspen Summit: Legal Experts from Industry and Academia Discuss Role of ISPs
07/17/08 Mobile TV Market Healthy, Growing: Adjunct Fellow Kraemer Cites Successful U.S. Wireless Policies
07/15/08 PFF Releases "Media Metrics" Special Report: Report Provides Comprehensive Overview of State of the Media Marketplace
07/09/08 Wilderotter to Give Aspen Chairman's Address: Citizens Communications CEO to Speak at PFF Aspen Summit
07/07/08 Verizon CTO Richard Lynch to Speak at Aspen: Communications Industry Expert to Give Keynote Address
07/01/08 Early Aspen Summit Registration Discount Extended Through July 7th
06/25/08 Esbin: FCC Should Establish ETF Policy: Interstate Nature of Wireless Service Justifies Federal Authority
06/23/08 Sydnor: No New Trial in Filesharing Case: PFF Senior Fellow Argues Law Provides Making-Available Right in Amicus Brief
06/20/08 New Discussion Panel at 2008 Aspen Summit: Luncheon Panel on Online Advertising and Privacy Added to Agenda
06/17/08 Aspen Summit Preview Agenda Now Available: Pew Internet Project's John Horrigan to Kick Off 2008 Aspen Summit
06/12/08 Immigration Reform: Work to be Done: PFF / National Chamber Foundation Event to Explore Immigration Issues
06/10/08 PFF Releases Transcript of Ganley CEO Luncheon: Rivada Network CEO Discusses Public Safety Communications.
06/06/08 Cox Communications' Esser at Aspen Summit: Cox President to Offer Keynote Address at August Event
06/05/08 Exclusive Handset-Carrier Deals Not Anticompetitive: FCC Should not Intervene in Exclusive Agreements in the Cellular Market
06/03/08 Immigration Reform: Work to be Done: PFF and the National Chamber Foundation Co-host June 19th Book Event with Jason Riley
05/27/08 Dallas Fed's Richard Fisher to Speak at Aspen: President and CEO of Dallas Federal Reserve Bank to give August 19th Keynote
05/20/08 U.S. Law Provides a Making-Available Right: Rationale for Barker Decision Wrongly Limits Meaning of Copyright Act
05/16/08 PFF Expands Development and Outreach Team: Allison Bringardner New Director of Development and Marketing
05/14/08 2008 Aspen Summit Discussion Panels Preview: Aspen Summit Panels to Examine Innovations, Challenges in Tech Sectors
05/12/08 Szoka to Join PFF: Visiting Fellow will Study E-Commerce and Privacy Issues
05/08/08 Mandatory Arbitration for Sports Programming Unnecessary: State Intrusion in Programming Disputes would Result in "Must-Carry" Obligation
04/28/08 "Free Culture" Akin to "Quasi-Socialist Utopianism": PFF's Sydnor Shows That Lessig Would Replace Copyrights with a "Quasi-Socialist" System of Tax-Funded Art and Spyware-Powered Thought Police
04/21/08 What's Next for Public Safety Spectrum?: Luncheon Featuring Rivada Network's Ganley Scheduled for April 29th
04/15/08 Rivada CEO to Consider Future of "D Block": Event Participants to Ponder Public Safety and Recent Spectrum Auction
04/11/08 Mandatory Controls Could Leave Kids Worse Off: Thierer Endorses Educational Campaigns, Not Restrictive Defaults for Devices
04/03/08 Kathleen Abernathy Joins PFF Board: Former FCC Commissioner, Akin Gump Partner Accepts Board Position
04/03/08 Panelists Announced for Ganley CEO Luncheon: Experts to Discuss Public Safety Communications with Rivada Networks CEO
03/27/08 Countdown to DTV: Making the 2009 Deadline Work: PFF Releases Transcript of February Digital Television Transition Event
03/25/08 PFF Releases New Edition of Parental Controls & Online Child Protection Report: Version 3.0 Includes Legislative Appendix, Expanded Info on Internet & Social Networking
03/14/08 2008 Aspen Summit: Unlocking Innovation: Discount Early Registration Offered Until June 30th
03/12/08 700 MHz "D Block" - What's Next?: Rivada Networks CEO Ganley to Discuss Spectrum Policy at April Luncheon
03/05/08 No Market Failure in Sports Programming Market: PFF's Ferree Testifies Before U.S. House Telecommunications Subcommittee
02/28/08 Thierer to Participate in Internet Safety Task Force: Distinguished Experts to Review Child Safety Tools and Strategies
02/27/08 Performance Right Would Harmonize Copyright Policy: PFF's Sydnor Cites Benefits to Performers and U.S. Economy
02/21/08 Esbin to Join PFF as Senior Fellow: FCC Veteran to Lead Center for Communications and Competition Policy
02/20/08 CEO Luncheon: Rivada Networks CEO Ganley: Broadband, Wireless Entrepreneur to Speak at April 29th Event
02/13/08 FCC Should Deny Network Management Petitions: Ferree, Swanson Cite Common use of Traffic Shaping, Property Rights in Filing
02/11/08 DTV Transition Event This Friday: Speakers to Assess State of Digital Television Conversion at Luncheon Event
02/06/08 Mandated DTV Consumer Ed Plan Unnecessary and Unconstitutional
02/06/08 PFF, CDT Project Tracks Online Child Protection Bills: Report Looks at Over 30 Active Bills Aimed at Content and Internet Regulation
02/04/08 Panelists Confirmed for DTV Transition Event: February 15th Event to Feature Remarks from NTIA's Meredith Attwell Baker
01/24/08 Countdown to DTV: Making the 2009 Deadline Work: PFF Hosts February 15th Seminar on Digital Television Transition
01/16/08 MySpace-AG Agreement Sets Standard for Other Sites: Thierer Views Principles as a Better Alternative to Government Regulation
01/14/08 PFF's Thierer Praises MySpace-AG Announcement: Thierer Says Online Safety Principles Are Step in Right Direction
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