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November 2007
  • "Cable Companies Dodge New Oversight,", November 28, 2007
    "Adam Thierer, a senior fellow at the think tank Progress & Freedom Foundation, which favors industry deregulation, said Martin is trying to lay the regulatory groundwork to create an environment where a la carte could be mandated.
    "'I personally believe it can be traced to a desire on his part to expand the reach of the federal government's ability to regulate and potentially censor the content of video programming,' he said."
  • "Blog Bits," Tech Daily, November 20, 2007
    "Adam Thierer of the Progress and Freedom Foundation opined on how EarthLink's potential decision to abandon the municipal wireless business will affect the plans of cities eying broadband projects."
  • "Appointments," The Washington Post, November 19, 2007
    "The Progress & Freedom Foundation of the District named W. Kenneth Ferree, former chief of media bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, president."
  • "FCC's Martin: Only Change Cross-Ownership Rule," CNN Money, November 13, 2007
    "Some don't feel the FCC chairman went far enough in his reforms. Adam Thierer, of the free-market think tank Progress & Freedom Foundation, said it was apparent that Martin had caved under the political pressure.
    "'Chairman Martin is only willing to throw newspaper companies a life preserver after their heads are under water,' said Thierer. 'This isn't deregulation as much as it is tinkering at the margins of a complex regulatory regime.'"
  • "New Broadband Data: The US Is Still Behind," Network World, November 12, 2007
    "The OECD's old stats on broadband adoption mixed business connections in with residential ones, giving an incomplete view of business connections in the U.S., said Scott Wallsten, senior fellow and director of communications policy studies at The Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF), a conservative think tank. OECD also based its broadband penetration stats on 2003 U.S. data, Wallsten wrote on the PFF blog.
    "'I'm sure that all sides of the debate about whether the U.S. is "ahead or behind" on broadband will find something to bolster their case,' Wallsten wrote. 'But the key point is that the OECD is moving to show more information than simple one-variable country rankings. More information is always better, and I am grateful that the OECD has taken this step.'"
  • "Parents, Children Team Up to Tackle Web Safety," Orange County Register, November 12, 2007
    "'There's never been a time when parents have had more tools to protect their children,' Adam Thierer, who has written extensively about Internet safety for the Progress & Freedom Foundation, said at a recent communications summit"
  • "Ferree To Head D.C. Free-Market Think Tank," Multichannel News, November 8, 2007
    "Former Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau chief Kenneth Ferree on Thursday was named president of the Progress & Freedom Foundation, a free-market think tank that has questioned indecency regulation of broadcast outlets and proposals to apply network neutrality mandates on cable and phone company providers of high-speed Internet access."
    "'I am thrilled to be taking the reins of PFF,' Ferree said in the same statement. 'I look forward to building on the solid reputation of PFF and expanding our reach in areas of technology policy. I am excited to be presented with this opportunity to work with the talented staff at the Foundation.'
    "At the FCC, Ferree led the staff in the effort to classify cable modem service as an unregulated information service, a move affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Brand X case released in June 2005."
  • "The Hidden Risk Of File-Sharing," Wall Street Journal, November 7, 2007
    "Users of popular file-sharing services such as LimeWire have found themselves victims of identity theft when their personal information was inadvertently shared on a so-called peer-to-peer network. And recent high-profile breaches via these networks have put thousands of people's financial information at risk. The problem typically arises when users set up file-sharing software and create a folder for their downloads in the same location as their personal files."
    "'Once the meth addicts have discovered it, it is in widespread use' for identity theft, says Tom Sydnor, director of the Center for the Study of Digital Property with the Progress and Freedom Foundation in Washington, D.C."
  • "Keys to Keeping Kids Safe Online," Rocky Mountain News, November 5, 2007
    "'There's never been a time when parents have had more tools to protect their children,' Adam Thierer, who has written extensively about Internet safety for the Progress & Freedom Foundation, said at a recent communications summit."

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