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December 2007
  • "UTOPIA: Could High-Speed Fiber Optic End Up a Cyber-Paradise Lost?," The Salt Lake Tribune, December 31, 2007
    "Yet four years after 11 Utah cities along the Wasatch Front pledged to financially back the [municipally owned fiber-optic] system, its finances are in shambles."
    "'It is really not too surprising. The same thing has been happening to municipal broadband systems' nationwide, said Ray Gifford, a telecommunications analyst formerly with the Progress and Freedom Foundation and now a lawyer in private practice in Denver. 'UTOPIA was the poster child for over optimistic [customer] and revenue projections.'"
  • "FCC Votes to Loosen Rules On Co-Ownership of Newspapers, Broadcast Outlets," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA), December 19, 2007
    "Some conservatives criticized the FCC decision for being too timid. The new policy 'hardly constitutes "radical deregulation" as some suggest,' Adam Thierer, a senior fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation, a conservative research group, said in a statement. 'Rather, it's just more like tinkering around the edges of a complex regulatory scheme that does nothing to benefit consumers.'"
  • "Think Tank Gauges Changes In the Digital Economy," Tech Daily, December 18, 2007
    "The Progress and Freedom Foundation's ninth 'Digital Economy Fact Book,' which was released Monday, looks at everything from Internet use to IT spending and jobs. It also includes information on the digital economies of Europe, India and China for the first time.
    "'We're swimming with the tide as everyone is thinking more globally,' PFF President Ken Ferree said of the United States. 'You don't have a complete picture without it.'"
  • "Who's Wired? Where Are They?," San Francisco Chronicle, December 15, 2007
    "Trying to figure out which countries, technologies and companies are leading or lagging in the global electronics race? Check out the ninth edition of 'The Digital Economy Fact Book,' a free resource published Friday by the Progress & Freedom Foundation.
    "This Capitol Hill think tank, supported by cable, telecommunications and technology firms, compiled a 179-page report by culling through government data and private market research."
    "To find this cornucopia of digital facts, visit"

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