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June 2007
  • "Indecency Ruling a Significant Victory for Free Expression,", June 28, 2007
    "In its decision, the court endorsed a position forwarded by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and other public interest advocates that technological evolution may be rendering the FCC's traditional indecency authority obsolete. CDT and Adam Thierer of the Progress & Freedom Foundation raised those concerns in a friend-of-the-court brief filed in the case, which pits the FCC against major television broadcasters."
  • "Experts: Better Broadband Stats Needed,", June 28, 2007
    "Participants of the forum on broadband data, sponsored by conservative think tank The Progress and Freedom Foundation, argued that broadband is key to the future of the U.S., but most said current statistics don't tell the whole picture."
  • "Show: Lou Dobbs Tonight," CNN, June 25, 2007
    "Adam Thierer, Progress & Freedom Foundation: Well, indeed, every time you hear someone talk about reviving the Fairness Doctrine, it's almost always because they think their view points are potentially not carrying the day."
  • "Patent Reform Attempt Garners Blue Chip Attention,", June 25, 2007
    "Representatives of three of the U.S.'s best-known blue chip companies gathered on Capitol Hill on Friday to debate what is quickly becoming one of the most watched legislative issues in the 110th Congress.
    "At a seminar hosted by right-of-center think tank the Progress and Freedom Foundation, senior lawyers with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) were all in agreement that it seems increasingly likely that Congress will pass some form of reform to the country's patent laws.
    "But there the agreement ended.
    "In what has become seen as a fight between high-tech and financial-services companies on one side and pharmaceutical and biotech companies on the other, the panel members expressed their hopes, and doubts, about lawmakers' effort to modernize the patent laws."
  • "FCC Begins The Slow Slog Through Net-Neutrality Comments," Telecom Policy Report, June 25, 2007
    "The Progress & Freedom Foundation warned that 'the danger is that we will adopt a net-neutrality regime that inhibits investment in broadband, deters entry by new competitors, and limits the content available.'"
  • "PFF Releases Report on Online Child Protection," Tech Law Journal, June 20, 2007
    "The Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF) released a report [119 pages in PDF] titled "Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools & Methods". The author is the PFF's Adam Thierer.
    "The report finds that 'parents now have multiple layers of protection at their disposal to shield their children from potentially objectionable media content or to protect them while they are online. These tools include the various content rating and labeling systems, the V-Chip, set-top box parental controls (including gaming console controls), personal video recorders, Internet and mobile media filtering and screening services, monitoring tools, and so on.'"
    "The report offers an alternative framework for data retention. It proposes that 'the government should be able to ask an ISP (or any other Internet company) to retain data but: (a) only through a well-established judicial subpoena process; (b) only for specific individuals who officials have probable cause to believe are engaging in illegal activities (terrorism, child porn, etc.); and, (c) only for a limited period (officials should seek additional subpoenas for extended data retention).'
    "The report concludes that 'There is a world of difference between this sort of data preservation policy and the data retention mandates that many lawmakers are proposing today, which would require ISPs and other Internet companies to retain massive amounts of customer data for an extended period.'
  • "U.S. Broadband Growth Spurs Tech Industry Debate," Tech Daily, June 18, 2007
    "[Scott] Wallsten, a senior fellow and director of communications policy studies at the Progress and Freedom Foundation, focused on perceived inaccuracies in the commonly cited Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development statistics."
    "Wallsten said the OECD data is unreliable and the group's collection of data is inconsistent, no sources are provided for the data, and there is no explanation of the methodology used to determine the rankings. Further, the OECD data ignores colleges and universities or many or most business connections, he said. In the United States, Wallsten would like to see the FCC's practices for collecting broadband data radically overhauled."
  • "AT&T Will Talk with Copyright Filter Critics," Washington Internet Daily, June 18, 2007
    "AT&T needs consumer trust to succeed, Progress & Freedom Foundation Pres. Thomas Lenard told us. If it invades consumers' privacy and angers them, they'll go elsewhere, he said. Besides, copyright protection is a positive Internet development, he said: 'I don't see [copyright filter development] as a problem for anyone.'"
  • "Democracy at Work: FCC Battle Over Net Neutrality Enters Next Stage," CableFax Daily, June 18, 2007
    "The Progress & Freedom Foundation warned that 'the danger is that we will adopt a net neutrality regime that inhibits investment in broadband, deters entry by new competitors, and limits the content available.'"
  • "TV Watch Talks: New Media and Technology Can Help Parents Make TV Viewing Decisions; Executive Director, Jim Dyke, Will Serve as Panelist for the Progress & Freedom Foundation's June 20th Book Launch," PR Newswire US, June 15, 2007
    "The Progress and Freedom Foundation's event marks the launch of Adam Thierer's new book, Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools and Methods. The book discusses the evolution and introduction of new media and technology and how parents can use these new technologies to protect their children from potentially objectionable content. 'There has never been a time in our nation's history when parents have had more tools and methods at their disposal to help them decide what is acceptable in their homes and lives of their children,' states Thierer."
  • "E-briefs," Tech Daily, June 14, 2007
    "Broadband: The acting president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation has urged the FCC not to mandate open access on high-speed Internet providers. The push for such network neutrality concerns whether the government should mandate equal treatment of broadband content. 'The danger is that we will adopt a net neutrality regime that inhibits investment in broadband, deters entry by new competitors and limits the content available,' PFF's Thomas Lenard wrote in comments filed with the FCC on Thursday. 'Such an outcome would harm consumers.'"
  • "Center for Public Integrity and Progress and Freedom Foundation to Co-Host Conference on Broadband Issues,", June 12, 2007
    "'The data currently available may not be the most useful information for making effective broadband policy decisions,' said Scott Wallsten, senior fellow and director of communications policy studies at The Progress & Freedom Foundation. 'Empirical analysis is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of any policy and good data are the key to rigorous analysis.'"
  • "Court Derails FCC F-Bomb Crackdown; 'Fleeting' Expletives Not In Purview; Commission Found to Exceed Authority," Multichannel News, June 11, 2007
    "But [the FFC chair's] indignant reaction could have been pretense, for the simple reason that the judicial invalidation of the FCC's indecency regime as applied to TV and radio stations could strengthen his ability to get Congress to force cable to sell channels on an a la carte basis to give parents more control over questionable content entering their homes.
    "'He's basically trying to tee up [a la carte] for the congressional debate that will surely follow about regulating indecency on both broadcast and cable,' said Progress & Freedom Foundation media analyst Adam Thierer, a strong critic of FCC content regulation. 'This decision helps the chairman advance his regulatory cause on Capitol Hill but it doesn't help him with regard to future court battles at all.'"
  • "Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Announces Global Public Affairs Advisory Council; Members Include Former Washington State Governor and Washington, D.C., Influentials," PR Newswire US, June 5, 2007
    "Waggener Edstrom Worldwide (WE) today announced the formation of a Global Public Affairs Advisory Council, naming four distinguished experts in the fields of public affairs, public policy and issues management as founding members:
    "-- Daniel W. Caprio Jr., former president and current senior adjunct fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation"
  • "Broadband Blues,", June 4, 2007
    "Most conservatives don't go that far, but they still find fault with the rankings. Scott Wallsten, of the conservative Progress and Freedom Foundation, argues that, 'The share of Americans who are Internet users, for example, compares much more favorably with the rest of the world and is higher than those of other countries often held up as models to be emulated, such as Japan.'"
  • "Energy Gets Tough on Laptop Use," Government Computer News, June 5, 2007
    "'Why can’t anyone take this more seriously? Usually, heads roll when something like this happens in the private sector. But in the public sector, the consequences seem minimal,' said Adam Thierer, a senior fellow at the Progress and Freedom Foundation, a Washington think tank covering technology issues. 'These machines should be bolted to the desk. And there should be some straightforward rules that are in place,' he said."

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