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CONTACT: Amy Smorodin
October 22, 2008
(202) 289-8928
PFF Formally Launches Center for Internet Freedom
Szoka to Head Center Focusing on Internet Policy

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Progress & Freedom Foundation announced today the formal launch of the Center for Internet Freedom, an effort by the Foundation to address the wide range of regulatory and legal issues affecting the free Internet. PFF Fellow Berin Szoka will serve as director of the Center.

"We offer an alternative to the proliferation of advocacy groups calling for government intervention online by offering timely analyses and critiques of proposals that diminish the vital role of free markets, free speech and property rights," stated Szoka. "We aim to drive the Internet policy debate in new directions by emphasizing a layered approach of technological innovation, user education, user self-help, industry self-regulation, and the enforcement of existing laws consistent with the First Amendment. Such an approach is a less restrictive—and generally more effective—alternative to increased regulation."

The Center for Internet Freedom will work to advance a comprehensive, market-oriented approach in Internet policy debates. PFF Fellows will study such pertinent policy issues as online advertising, privacy, online intermediary liability, online speech, and threats to the free-flow of e-commerce. More information is available on the PFF website.

The Progress & Freedom Foundation is a market-oriented think tank that studies the digital revolution and its implications for public policy. It is a 501(c)(3) research & educational organization.



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