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October 31, 2002
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Burgess Named President of NAPA
PFF Insider to Lead National Public Policy Governance Org.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - At a time when national governing organizations – both public and private – are under pressure to manage threats from abroad and build public confidence in domestic institutions, a member of The Progress & Freedom Foundation’s ‘inner circle’ has been tapped to help them meet the challenge. Philip Burgess, a long-term PFF board member, has been named president of the National Academy of Public Administration, the trend-setting authority on effective governance practices for public and private organizations that have a hand in setting public policy. Burgess takes office on December 1.

The distinguished academic, corporate veteran, commentator and public policy expert will lead 500 distinguished fellows at the Congressionally chartered organization. Recent NAPA research and problem-solving exercises have included FBI reorganization and strategies to prevent forest fires. Burgess, an Academy fellow since 1978, says NAPA will have no shortage of business in the coming months.

“Governing institutions in the public and private sectors are being called to improve their performance and advance the public interest while tackling some of today’s toughest problems,” Burgess said in a NAPA news release. “The agenda is imposing – from combating terrorism and providing homeland security to protecting investors and adjusting to the new realities of globalization and anytime/anywhere communications.”

“It is an honor and privilege to serve as president of this important institution during these times of change, “ he said.

Foundation President Jeffrey A. Eisenach says Burgess will remain an important force at PFF: “Phil Burgess will continue to be one of PFF’s most valuable assets. His advice on both policy and practice has contributed immeasurably to our efforts. I know from experience that Phil has what it takes to be a superb leader of the National Academy of Public Administration.”

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