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September 5, 2002
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Will D.C. Circuit Decision Lead to FCC Deregulation?
May Urges Removal of Barriers to Facilities-Based Investment

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The D.C. Circuit court decision denying a number of petitions for rehearing, including that of the Federal Communications Commission in the line-sharing and UNE remand cases, provides the agency a clear opportunity to do as its chairman has suggested and complete action on related proceedings this year, according to Progress & Freedom Foundation Senior Fellow and Director of Communications Policy Studies Randolph J. May.

The following is May’s assessment of the decision:

“The court’s rejection of the rehearing petitions, including the FCC’s, is welcome news, and it would be a real mistake for the Commission to consider seeking Supreme Court review. The Commission should now move forward very quickly to reduce the regulatory burdens that are discouraging facilities-based investment by incumbents and CLECs alike. This type of deregulatory action would contribute to an economic recovery of the telecom sector.”

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