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June 11, 2002
CONTACT: David Fish
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Top Tech/Telecom Execs Headed to Aspen
Bezos, Donahue, Whitacre, Benhamou, Merrick, Shenoy, Vogel, Vadasz

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Top executives from the telecommunications and technology sectors will attend the upcoming Aspen Summit sponsored by the Progress & Freedom Foundation. An annual gathering of some of the digital world’s most prominent business leaders, probing thinkers and influential policymakers, the Summit is scheduled for August 18-20 at the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

Joining Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of (announced earlier), will be Tim Donahue, chairman and CEO of Nextel Communications Inc., Edward E. Whitacre, chairman and CEO of SBC Communications Inc, Eric A. Benhamou, chairman of 3Com Corporation, Phillip Merrick, founder, chairman and CEO of webMethods, Sudhakar Shenoy, founder chairman and CEO of Information Management Consultants Inc., Carl Vogel, president and CEO of Charter Communications and Leslie L. Vadasz, executive vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Intel Capital. Key federal policymakers already planning to attend the Summit were announced earlier. Other high-level announcements are pending.

Following its 1995 debut, the annual Aspen Summit quickly became one of the most prominent events of its kind. Speakers have included industry leaders Carly Fiorina, Jerry Levin, Scott McNealy and Ivan Seidenberg; authors Esther Dyson and George Gilder; members of Congress; and senior executive branch officials. Wired News has compared the Aspen Summit to the annual Davos summit in Switzerland and to Renaissance Weekend in South Carolina.

This year’s Summit will focus on the drivers behind the next generation of Internet-driven innovation and growth, including broadband communications, new wireless technologies, rich digital content, and innovative new digital devices. “There’s a second digital revolution coming,” says PFF President Jeff Eisenach. “This year’s Aspen Summit will explore what it will mean, and when we can expect it to arrive.”

Registration information for the 2002 Aspen Summit, as well as periodic updates on the program and participants, can be found at

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