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February 18, 2002
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Bush Appointee Still Pushing Enron Agenda
Eisenach Tells Fox News Enron Policy Wish is "Rolling Forward"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Enron used its political muscle to seek special regulatory changes at the Federal level in order to position itself for huge profits as an energy trader, according to Progress and Freedom Foundation President Jeffrey Eisenach, who was interviewed by Fox News Network on Sunday. A top Federal energy regulator is still promoting those very changes, he said.

Appearing as a guest on “Fox & Friends” Sunday morning, Eisenach told host Steve Doocy that Enron “needed regulatory favors” from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) “to position itself in the market for trading electricity.” Those regulatory changes, still being promoted by the new chairman of the FERC, stand to benefit Enron and other companies, he said.

“While Enron may be dead, its public policy agenda is rolling forward,” Eisenach told Fox.

“Right now, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is preparing to push through a mandatory electricity transmission plan that was Enron’s top policy goal,” Eisenach said Friday. “Far from being deregulatory, it amounts to a near nationalization of the electricity grid."

Eisenach’s comments are based in part on a paper released by the Foundation, “RTOs, Market Power and the New Regulatory Agenda at the FERC.” Vice President for Research Thomas Lenard wrote the paper.

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