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  • PFF Welcomes Summer Fellows, Visiting Fellow
    PFF is pleased to welcome four Summer Fellows to its staff. Ramesh Menon is a student at UVA Law School and received his undergraduate degree at University of Virginia, where he majored in both biochemistry and economics.  William Rinehart is a graduate student at the University of Illinois' Department of Communication, where his research has focused on online political activism and the rhetoric of economics and globalization.  Stephanie Savir is currently working on her undergraduate degree in International Economics at Trinity University.  Eric Beach is student at Cornell University, where his is working on a Masters degree in Business Administration.
    Mark Adams has joined PFF as a Visiting Fellow.  He was formerly a Graduate Student Fellow with the Mercatus Center's Regulatory Studies Program and an economic advisor to the UK Conservative Party during the last general election.  Adams has a BA in Economics from University of Liverpool and an MA Economics from George Mason University
  • Esbin Testifies on Wireless Handset Exclusivity
    On June 17th, PFF Senior Fellow Barbara Esbin testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on wireless handset exclusivity. An archived webcast of the hearing is available on the Committee website and her written testimony is available here.
  • Thierer Speaks about COPPA Expansion on CNET Podcast
    Last month, PFF Senior Fellow Adam Theirer was a guest on a CNET podcast where he discussed efforts to expand Children Online Privacy Protection Act to cover minors up to the age of eighteen.  The podcast can be found on the CNET News site.  Thierer and Berin Szoka co-authored a paper on the subject, which can be found on the PFF website.


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