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  • The Progress & Freedom Foundation Tech Agenda 2007
    Progress on Point 14.1
    Daniel W. Caprio, James V. DeLong, Thomas M. Lenard, Patrick Ross, Solveig Singleton, Adam D. Thierer, Scott Wallsten, January 2007

    Ten technology policy recommendations for the 110th Congress
  • Copyright 'Modernization': What is the Agenda on Capitol Hill?
    Progress on Point 13.34
    Patrick Ross, David Jones, Joe Keeley, Amy Levine, December 2006

    Transcript of October event on the status of copyright reform legislation in Congress
  • Solutions for Software Patents: Notes From Under My Desk
    Progress on Point 13.33
    Solveig Singleton, December 13, 2006

    Suggested general patent system reforms to best address concerns raised by software patents
  • Power Gridlock
    Progress Snapshot 3.1
    Raymond L. Gifford and Adam Peters, January 2007

    Opinion piece on the technology industry's electricity needs and the challenges facing Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Merger Hangups
    Progress Snapshot 2.28
    Scott Wallsten, December 2006

    Comments on the merger review process
  • Markets for Rights Do Not Make a Wrong
    The American
    Patrick Ross, January 24, 2007

    Opinion piece identifies a discrepancy between claims that copyright is stifling platform options for consumers and the growing market for content and devices
  • Joining the Snake: A Balanced and Pragmatic Approach to Network Neutrality
    Virginia Issues and Answers
    Dixon Kyle, Winter 2006

    Article warns regulators and lawmakers against favoring content and devices over networks and instead urges focus on consumer welfare when addressing network neutrality concerns

Activities of Note

  • Caprio to Participate in RSA Security Conference
    PFF President Dan Caprio will be a speaker on the discussion panel, "RFID - the Benefits and the Challenges: Do We Legislate or Do We Innovate?" at this year's
    RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, California. The February 6th panel discussion will focus on privacy concerns regarding the use of RFID technology and the possible affects of regulation. More information can be found on the conference website.
  • PFF Expertise Highlighted at "State of the Net Conference"
    Three PFF Fellows were featured panel participants at the "State of the Net Conference," held January 31st on Capitol Hill. Senior Fellows Jim DeLong, Adam Thierer, and Scott Wallsten spoke on such diverse subjects as broadband penetration, the rise of user-generated content, and child safety on the Internet. The full agenda can be found here .
  • Lenard, Wallsten to Speak at FTC Net Neutrality Workshop
    Senior Fellows Tom Lenard and Scott Wallsten will speak at "Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy," a two-day workshop hosted by the Federal Trade Commission. Lenard will speak February 13th on the panel, "Discrimination, Blockage, and Vertical Integration" and Wallsten will participate on the February 14th panel, "Current and Future State of Broadband Competition." The full agenda can be found on the FTC website.
  • Thierer Participates in Two Online Child Safety Events
    Senior Fellow Adam Thierer will lead a panel discussion on technology and public policy at the launch of the Family Online Safety Institute on February 13th. Thierer is also scheduled to attend an online protection roundtable today at the British Embassy. The roundtable is organized by the Internet Content Rating Association.
  • Caprio Speaks at Privacy and Security Forum
    PFF President Dan Caprio will participate in the "2007 Privacy and Security Forum," on February 2nd hosted by Alston & Bird LLP. He will speak on the panel entitled, "Legislative Agenda on Privacy and Security Issues for a New Day in Congress."


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