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Szoka, Berin. "A President Worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize: Eisenhower & the Freedom of Space." Progress Snapshot 6.2. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, January 2010.
Dunstan, James, Berin Szoka. "Beware Of Space Junk: Global Warming Isn't the Only Major Environmental Problem." Progress Snapshot 5.14. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, December 2009.
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May, Randolph J. "Coming Out." Progress Snapshot 1.4. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, July 2005.
Lenard, Thomas M. and Paul H. Rubin. "An Economic Analysis of Notification Requirements for Data Security Breaches." Progress on Point 12.12. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, July 2005.
Lenard, Thomas M. and Stephen McGonegal. "The Streamlined Sales Tax Project: An Initiative Whose Time has Not Yet Come." Milken Institute Review, May 2005.
Kahn, Robert E. Webcast of remarks at The Progress & Freedom Foundation CEO Luncheon, January 12, 2005.
Kahn, Robert E. "The Digital Object Architecture." The Corporation for National Research Initiatives. Presentation at a Progress & Freedom Foundation CEO Lunch, January 12, 2005.
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May, Randolph J. "Will We Be Safe at Home?" Legal Times, September 2, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Finding the Right Words." Legal Times, July 1, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Never Again?" Legal Times, March 11, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Our Middle Road." Legal Times, January 7, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Strong Security." Legal Times, December 3, 2001.
May, Randolph J. "His to Hold." Legal Times, September 3, 2001.
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