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July 17, 2008
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Mobile TV Market Healthy, Growing
Adjunct Fellow Kraemer Cites Successful U.S. Wireless Policies

WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. wireless policies have been successful in promoting innovation in the wireless market, specifically in regards to mobile television, asserts PFF Adjunct Fellow Joseph Kraemer in "A Primer on the U.S. Mobile Television Market" released today by The Progress & Freedom Foundation. In the primer, Kraemer presents the facts and figures concerning the mobile television market, which is expected to grow dramatically in the next five years due to both U.S. policy and a variety of other factors.

"From a public policy perspective, the market-focused wireless broadband policies of the U.S. have been successful," states Kraemer, PFF Adjunct Fellow and Director at LEGC's Washington D.C. office. "These policies have made it possible for mobile television to progress rapidly form a general concept to a business that is poised to generate billions in revenue form tens of millions of users. The reports of the demise of U.S. technical and business innovation are just plain wrong (at least with respect to mobile television)."

The author also identifies three factors that will contribute to the expected growth of the U.S. mobile television market:

  • Increasing use of mobile/handheld platforms as entertainment devices Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones, laptops, and other handheld devices to view both user generated and professionally produced content.
  • Greater availability of spectrum The Federal Communications Commission and Congress have increasingly made available spectrum for wireless technologies. Private companies have also allocated spectrum specifically for mobile video.
  • Incentives for device manufacturers to incorporate video functionality in their equipment Manufacturers can charge a higher price and attract a wider consumer base of individuals eager to upgrade their equipment by incorporating video capability in their devices.
"A Primer on the U.S. Mobile Television Market" is available on the PFF website.

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