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CONTACT: Amy Smorodin
June 10, 2008
(202) 289-8928
PFF Releases Transcript of Ganley CEO Luncheon
Rivada Network CEO Discusses Public Safety Communications

WASHINGTON D.C. - Public safety communications solutions should include building upon existing infrastructure and using commercial, off-the-shelf technologies, stated Declan Ganley, CEO of Rivada Networks, in remarks presented at a CEO Luncheon organized by The Progress & Freedom Foundation. In his speech, Ganley urged policymakers to consider building off the "inherent redundancy" in commercial wireless systems as opposed to facilitating a stand-alone system for public safety. With the fate of the 700 MHz "D block" still unsettled, PFF is releasing a transcript of Ganley's remarks and subsequent panel discussion to compliment the webcast available on the PFF website.

At the April 29th event, Ganley questioned the necessity of creating a separate network exclusively for use for public safety. "[I]t absolutely is basic common sense to leverage off the infrastructure that is already there. You don't build roads for fire trucks and police cars. You don't build them dedicated roads," Ganley explained. "We don't need to do that for communications." Instead, Ganley urged policymakers and law enforcement to use resources already at their disposal, such as commercial networks and handsets.

Ganley specifically addressed the next steps for the 700 MHz "D block," originally reserved for a public / private partnership to create a safety communications network. "Taking that spectrum which we now know is extremely valuable," Ganley suggested, "let's auction off some more of that spectrum and give the money to the public safety agencies to buy state-of-the-art equipment that can leverage off both the spectrum that they are being allocated and these commercial networks. And let them cut their own deals."

Ganley's address was followed by a question and answer session with three spectrum policy and public safety expert. The written transcript and an archived webcast of the event are both available on the PFF website.

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