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CONTACT: Amy Smorodin
February 6, 2008
(202) 289-8928
PFF, CDT Project Tracks Online Child Protection Bills
Report Looks at Over 30 Active Bills Aimed at Content and Internet Regulation

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Progress & Freedom Foundation and the Center for Democracy & Technology today announced a joint project that tracks the variety of bills in the current congress aimed at protecting children online. The index will serve as a comprehensive resource for the public and the media, describing all legislation seeking to regulate Internet communications or online media content in order to protect children. The report will be updated occasionally to reflect ongoing efforts in Congress relating to online child safety.

The report is cataloged by bill name, topic, chamber and agency or organization the legislation affects. The index also contains a summary of the proposed legislation along with the bills status and links to pertinent analysis by PFF and CDT staff.

"We hope the index will make it easier for the public and the press to analyze ongoing legislative developments pertaining to online child safety," states Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Digital Media Freedom at The Progress & Freedom Foundation and co-author of the report. "Many of the bills we highlight raise serious free speech concerns or could result in serious unintended consequences if implemented. Some proposals would also impose heavy regulatory burdens on media operators and online platforms with questionable benefits."

"This Congress has seen an explosion of bills aimed at child safety or proposing regulation of Internet content," says John Morris, Senior Counsel of the Center for Democracy & Technology and study co-author. "Although some of the bills are good, others raise very serious policy and constitutional concerns," says Morris.

The full report is available on the PFF and CDT websites. In addition, both CDT and PFF are releasing separate analysis papers that take a deeper look at the questions and concerns raised by some of these bills.

The authors of the filing are available for comment and can be reached by contacting PFF's Director of Communications Amy Smorodin at and 202-289-8928 or CDT's Director of Communications Brock Meeks at and 202-637-9800.

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