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January 2009
  • "McDowell Says More Reforms Needed at FCC," Communications Daily, January 28, 2009
    "'A bipartisan willingness' for FCC reform among its members makes Gloria Tristani 'very optimistic' the changes will stick, she said. 'As a former commissioner, things run better, issues are more thoroughly vetted and decisions are better made when all commissioners have access to better information.' Whether Genachowski becomes chairman or not, a more-open FCC is likely in the future, said Progress & Freedom Foundation's Barbara Esbin, who left the agency in 2008. 'The last four years really stand out as an aberration of commission process,' she said. 'All of the things that Acting Chairman Copps has called for [are] essentially a return to the status quo of FCC operations in years past.'"
  • "World Wide [Censored]," Washington Times, January 27, 2009 "'During the campaign, Barack Obama promised to extend broadband service to all Americans, but he may find, as Berin Szoka - a fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation - wrote, that "what's constitutional is politically impossible (unfiltered free Internet) and what's politically possible (filtered free Internet) is unconstitutional." The new administration should expect strident protests against censored Internet service in the United States, much like those that have recently occurred in Australia, where the government is planning to filter all Internet communications.' -Harry Lewis, writing on 'Not Your Father's Censorship' in the Jan. 16 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education"
  • "Technology Alone 'Won't Assure Youth Safety on Internet," Sydney Morning Herald, January 15, 2009
    "'We have concluded that there is no silver bullet technical solution to online child safety concerns,' wrote Adam Thierrer of The Progress & Freedom Foundation, which was on the task force.
    "'Technology can only supplement - it can never supplant - education and mentoring.'"
  • "With Genachowski, Adieu To A La Carte?" Multichannel News, January 13, 2009
    "'Genachowski is an outstanding choice to chair the [FCC].  He is knowledgeable, experienced, and presumably will have the ear of the most influential people within the [Obama] administration,' said Ken Ferree, president of the Progress & Freedom Foundation, a free-market think tank in Washington D.C.
    "Ferree, chief of the FCC's Media Bureau under chairman Michael Powell, was a leader in the FCC's decision in March 2002 to classify cable modem service as an unregulated information service not subject to open network requirements that applied then to digital subscriber line service (DSL) offered by AT&T (then called SBC Communications) and Verizon."
  • "Courts," Washington Internet Daily, January 6, 2009
    "The RIAA should consider asking an appeals court to disqualify a trial judge from starting a new trial in Capitol v. Thomas, the P2P case that ended with a $222,000 verdict against Jammie Thomas, said an intellectual-property scholar. Thomas Sydnor, a former Senate Judiciary Committee IP counsel now with the Progress & Freedom Foundation, called 'absurd' the reasoning by U.S. District Judge Michael Davis in Duluth, Minn., in declining to 'certify' his order for a retrial, which would make the order appealable."

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