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The True State of the
Modern Media Marketplace
Version 1.0

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Debates about the state of the media marketplace continue to rage in Washington. Many policymakers, regulators, and consumer groups bemoan the supposed lack of "localism," ownership concentration and an absence of quality programming as a rationale to further regulate in the media sector. But these sentiments do not represent an accurate portrayal of today's media marketplace according to a new Progress & Freedom Foundation Special Report by Senior Fellow Adam Thierer and Research Associate Grant Eskelsen.

The report offers a comprehensive look at a variety of media sectors such as audio, video and print with the intent of providing policymakers with a clear snapshot of the media sector. The survey contains over 70 charts and exhibits illustrating facts and figures on such diverse topics as advertising revenue, company market share, audience trends, and areas of growth in the sector. The report will be periodically updated to reflect the rapidly evolving media industry.


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