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Lenard, Thomas. "Internet Governance, ICANN, VeriSign and the WSIS." Progress Snapshot 1.20. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, November 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "Examining the FCC's Complaint-Driven Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Process." Progress on Point 12.22. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, November, 2005
Mays, Mark. Webcast of Remarks at The Progress & Freedom Foundation CEO Luncheon. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 3, 2005.
Ross, Patrick. "Regulation Without Frontiers: Europe Shows U.S. Policymakers How Not to Embrace Convergence." Progress Snapshot 1.15. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, September 2005.
Singleton, Solveig and Adam Thierer. "The Politicization of ICANN and the Domain Name System: The ".xxx" Case Study." Progress Snapshot 1.10. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, September 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "A Look at the Broadband Video Provisions of the House Commerce Committee Telecom Act Reform Discussion Draft." Progress Snapshot 1.12. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, September 2005.
English, Daniel and Adam Thierer. "Testing 'Media Monopoly' Claims: A Look at What Markets Say." Progress on Point 12.16. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, August 2005.
Owen, Bruce M. "Confusing Success with Access: "Correctly" Measuring Concentration of Ownership and Control in Mass Media and Online Services." Progress on Point 12.11. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, July 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "The Comcast-Time Warner Deal for Adelphia: Much Ado About Nothing." Progress on Point 12.10. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, July 2005
Thierer, Adam. "What Ever Happened to the Big Media Boogeyman?" Tech Central Station, June 20, 2005.
Thierer, Adam. Media Myths: Making Sense of the Debate Over Media Ownership. Washington: The Progress & Freedom Foundation, 2005.
Thierer, Adam T. "New Worlds To Censor." The Washington Post, June 7, 2005.
Corn-Revere, Robert. "Can Broadcast Indecency Regulations Be Extended to Cable Television and Satellite Radio?" Progress on Point 12.8. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, May 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "'Kid-Friendly' Tiering Mandates: More Government Nannyism for Cable TV." Progress Snapshot 1.2. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, May 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "Thinking Seriously about Cable & Satellite Censorship: An Informal Analysis of S-616, The Rockefeller-Hutchison Bill." Progress on Point 12.6. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, April 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "Of Desperate Housewives and Desperate Regulators." TechKnowledge No. 94. Cato, January 5, 2005.
Thierer, Adam. "Again, it's all 'For the Children'--FCC Fines Stations for Kids' Commercials." Technology Liberation Front, October 22, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Howard Stern and the Future of Media Censorship." TechKnowledge No. 90. Cato, October 11, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Sen. McCain's Plan to Liberate the Broadcast Spectrum." TechKnowledge No. 87. Cato, September 30, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "The 'Rathergate' Incident: Remembering Why Separation of Press and State Is Vital." TechKnowledge No. 88. Cato, September 30, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Overcoming Mythology in the Debate over Media Ownership," Testimony before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, September 28, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Censoring Violence in Media." TechKnowledge No. 86. Cato, August 10, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Media Ownership Regulation Redux: A Reality Check." TechKnowledge No. 85. Cato, June 30, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Surrogate-Parent Sam." TechKnowledge No. 84. Cato, June 25, 2004.
Thierer, Adam. "Return of the (Un)Fairness Doctrine: The Media Ownership Reform Act" TechKnowledge No. 80. Cato, April 20, 2004.
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