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Tauzin, William J. "Telecom Deregulation, Broadband Deployment, And Economic Growth." Progress on Point 8.5. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 2001.
Fiorina, Carleton S. "The Digital Renaissance." Future Insight 8.1. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 2001.
Raul, Alan C. "Privacy Needn't Crumble Before Cookies and Spam." Los Angeles Times, March 1, 2001.
Rubin, Paul H. and Eugene Volokh, "Privacy in the Commercial World." Testimony before the House Committee on Commerce, Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, March 1, 2001.
Swindle, Orson. "Privacy in a Digital World: Industry Must Lead, or Government Will." Progress on Point 8.4. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 2001.
May, Randolph J. "A Federal Nuisance." Legal Times, February 12, 2001.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. "Rescue Opportunity at the FCC." The Washington Times, February 4, 2001.
Keyworth, II, George A. "Physics, Power and Defense in the 21st Century." Progress on Point 8.3. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, February 2001.
May, Randolph J. "Telecommunications Act at Five." New Millennium Research Council E-Zine, February 2001.
Lenard, Thomas M. "California Didn't Really Deregulate." The Electricity Daily, January 22, 2001.
May, Randolph J. "Internet into FCC Clutches?" The Washington Times, January 7, 2001.
Lenard, Thomas M. "Real Electricity Deregulation Is The Only Way Out For California." Progress on Point 8.2. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, January 2001.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. "Does Government Belong in the Telecom Business?" Progress on Point 8.1. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, January 2001.
May, Randolph J. "No Danger Ahead." Legal Times, January 1, 2001.
May, Randolph J. "The Founders, Shredded." Legal Times, December 4, 2000.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. and Randolph J. May. "Comments to the FCC on High-Speed Access to the Internet Over Cable and Other Facilities." The Progress & Freedom Foundation, December 1, 2000.
May, Randolph J. "Taxing Chevron." Legal Times, November 9, 2000.
Lenard, Thomas M. "Creating Competition in the Market for Operating Systems: Alternative Structural Remedies in the Microsoft Case." Progress on Point 7.17. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, November 2000.
Kraemer, Joseph S. and Randolph J. May. "Local Exchange Competition: Progress in Pennsylvania." Progress on Point 7.16. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, November 2000.
May, Randolph J. "Al 'Rego' Gore." Legal Times, October 9, 2000.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. "FCC reform." Testimony before the Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology, October 6, 2000.
Rubin, Paul H. "Markets Versus Regulation as Methods of Protecting Privacy." Testimony before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, October 3, 2000.
Volokh, Eugene. "Freedom of Speech and Information Privacy: The Troubling Implications of a Right to Stop People from Talking About You." Progress on Point 7.15. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 2000.
Behrens, Edwin L. "Self Regulation on Interactive Media: The New Millennium Challenge." Progress on Point 7.14. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 2000.
Hermoso, Reuben and Thomas M. Lenard. "Digital State Part IV: Higher Education and K-12 Education." Progress on Point 7.13. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 2000.
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