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DeLong, James V. "Musical Scares.", July 1, 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Handicapping Michael Powell's Legacy Year." CNET, June 25, 2003.
Thierer, Adam. "Regulating Video Games: Must Government Mind Our Children?" TechKnowledge No. 52. Cato, June 24, 2003.
Lenard, Thomas M. "Does FERC Really Know What to Do?" The Electricity Daily, June 5, 2003.
Adkinson, William F., Jr., Gary Doernhoefer, Thomas M. Lenard, Steven C. Salop, and Stephen P. Sawyer. "Regulation of Air Travel Distribution: Still Needed in the Internet Age?" Progress on Point 10.11. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, June 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Outdated Federal Regulations Actually Likely to Impede Diversification in Media." Rocky Mountain News, May 24, 2003.
DeLong, James V. "Moral and Economic Clarity.", May 23, 2003.
Adkinson, William F., Jr. Testimony before the Department of Transportation, May 22, 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Present at the Creation." Legal Times, May 5, 2003.
Bailey, William, Edward Hearst, Kevin Martin, Randolph J. May, Bruce Mehlman, and Adam Thierer. "Telecrisis: How Regulation Stifles High-Speed Internet Access." Progress on Point 10.10. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, May 2003.
Gifford, Raymond L. "Equal Treatment.", May 1, 2003.
May, Randolph J. "The Storm Over Broadband Bundling." CNET, April 17, 2003.
Rubin, Paul H. "Comments to the California Public Utilities Commission: California's Wireless Regulations: The Effects on Consumers." The Progress & Freedom Foundation, April 2, 2003.
Lenard, Thomas M. "The Senate Electricity Title: A Major Disappointment." Progress on Point 10.9. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, April 2003.
Gifford, Raymond L. Testimony before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, March 27, 2003.
Adkinson, William F., Jr. "Comments to the Department of Transportation in Response to a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking." The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 24, 2003.
Adkinson, William F., Jr. "Looking Backward.", March 17, 2003.
DeLong, James V. "Promoting Progress.", March 6, 2003.
Singleton, Solveig. "Why Copyright Does Not Conflict With Access Goals." C:SPIN. CEI, March 3, 2003.
Lenard, Thomas M. "The Barton Energy Bill: A Good First Step With A Major Caveat." Progress on Point 10.8. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 2003.
Adkinson, Jr., William F. "Orbitz Should Still Pop Up On Antitrust Agencies' Radar Screens." Progress on Point 10.7. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 2003.
May, Randolph J. "A Call for Real Federalism." Legal Times, March 2003.
William F. Adkinson, Jr., "Reply Comments on Exemptions to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Copyright Control Technologies," February 20, 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Show Time at the FCC." The Washington Times, February 19, 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Will The Real FCC Please Stand Up." CNET, February 7, 2003.
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