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May, Randolph J. "Will The Real FCC Please Stand Up." CNET, February 7, 2003.
Gifford, Raymond L. "That is Not What I Meant at All: Assertive Modesty in Regulation." Progress on Point 10.6. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, February, 2003
Rubin, Paul H. "California's Wireless Regulations: The Effects on Consumers." Progress on Point 10.4. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, February 2003.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. and Thomas M. Lenard. "Telecom Deregulation and the Economy: The Impact of "UNE-P" on Jobs, Investment and Growth." Progress on Point 10.3. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, January 2003.
May, Randolph J. "The FCC and Telecom Recovery: A Scorecard for Evaluating the New Rules." Progress on Point 10.2. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, January 2003.
May, Randolph J. "Digital marketplace myopia." The Washington Times, December 08, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Anti-Merger Mania." The Washington Times, December 5, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "They Just Want to Be Free." Legal Times, November 11, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Pennsylvania Faces a Choice: to Continue to Promote Real Telecom Competition or Not." Progress on Point 9.27. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, November 2002.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. " Pruning the telecom deadwood." The Washington Times, November 1, 2002.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. "Comments to the FCC in the Matter of Disposition of Down Payments and Pending Applications Won During Auction No. 35 for Spectrum." The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 11, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Competition Here" Batlimore Daily Record, October 10, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "A Revolution That Has Yet to Occur: Why Deregulation is the Only Solution for a Telecom Industry in Crisis." FindLaw, October 3, 2002.
Cleland, Scott, Blair Levin, Randolph J. May, Ivan Seidenberg, and Bret Swanson. "Opportunity Knocking Now for Telecom Deregulation." Progress on Point 9.24. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, October 2002.
Darby, Larry F. "The Facts about UNE-P." Remarks at the SCC/VTIA Telecommunications Summit, October 2002.
May, Randolph J. "A Free-Market Scorecard." Regulation Magazine, October 2002.
Seidenberg, Ivan. Address at a Progress & Freedom Foundation Forum, September 19, 2002.
Darby, Larry F., Jeffrey A. Eisenach, and Joseph S. Kraemer. "The CLEC Experiment: Anatomy of a Meltdown." Progress on Point 9.23. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, September 2002.
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. "One Step Closer to 3G Nirvana." CNET, August 6, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Michael Powell's Telecom Epiphany." CNET, July 26, 2002.
May, Randolph J. and Larry F. Darby. "Reply Comments to the FCC in Section 251 Unbundling Requirements and Related Broadband Proceedings." The Progress & Freedom Foundation, July 17, 2002.
May, Randolph J. "To Litigate or Deregulate: Chairman Powell's Defining Moment." Progress on Point 9.20. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, June 2002.
Barnich, Terry, Larry Darby, Thomas M. Lenard, Blair Levin, and Randolph J. May. "The Telecom Meltdown: Causes and Cures." Progress on Point 9.18. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, June 2002.
May, Randolph J. "Robed Revolutionaries." Legal Times, May 6, 2002.
Kraemer, Joseph S. and Randolph J. May, "Local Exchange Competition: Progress in Maryland." Progress on Point 9.16. The Progress & Freedom Foundation, May 2002.
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