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The Skeptical Regulator

In July of 2003, PFF introduced The Skeptical Regulator, a series of periodic essays authored by president Raymond Gifford and other fellows at the Foundation. IRLE director and research fellow Kent Lassman edits the series. The essays are released approximately twice a month and distributed electronically to state regulators, lawmakers and scholars across the country. The focus of the series is on fundamental legal, economic and regulatory principles. Examples of the issues that are addressed include benefit-cost analysis, rent seeking behavior, federalism, states rights and public choice economics.

The essays will be published under the heading and pseudonym The Skeptical Regulator and are clearly targeted to state policymakers who determine regulatory policy. Short length, sound academic grounding and plain-language examples of contemporary regulatory problems are hallmarks of the series.

The style and tone of the series more closely matches the friendly atmosphere of a thoughtful and reasonable dinner conversation than the politically charged and rhetorically heated opinion pages of today’s newspapers and electronic media.

In that vein, The Skeptical Regulator welcomes a conversation with policymakers and others interested in shaping the digital revolution. Comments and feedback on The Skeptical Regulator can be sent to and an archive of the series can be found at the links below.

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