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  • Thierer to Debate Future of Internet Policy and Regulation
    Tomorrow, PFF Senior Fellow Adam Thierer will be a featured panelist at the event, "Is Success Killing the Internet?" The discussion, sponsored by the New America Foundation, will highlight themes discussed Thierer's new book, A Manifesto for Media Freedom and The Future of the Internet, authored by fellow panelist Jonathan Zittrain. More information is available on the New America Foundation website. In related news, Thierer was a guest last month on the C-SPAN series, "The Communicators," where he discussed technology issues facing the next administration.
  • Ferree Keynote at Emerging Issues Policy Forum
    PFF President Ken Ferree was a featured keynote speaker at the Emerging Issues Policy Forum, "Digital Pathway to U.S. Economic Recovery and Prosperity." The October summit focused on the role of advanced communications technologies in creating a more prosperous U.S. economy.
  • Sydnor Debates Intellectual Property Laws at Book Forum
    PFF Senior Fellow Tom Sydnor was a panelist at an October 10th Cato book forum, where he participated in a debate with Nobel laureate Robert Laughlin concerning his new book, The Crime of Reason and the Closing of the Scientific Mind. A webcast of the event can be found on the Cato website.
  • Swanson Talks U.S and Global Broadband Policy
    In early October, Senior Fellow Bret Swanson was a participant at the "Digital Policy in the Information Age" conference, hosted by Ball State University's Digital Policy Institute. At the conference, Swanson spoke about U.S. and global broadband policy. Also in October, Swanson gave a presentation to the Minnesota "Ultra-High Speed Broadband Task Force," an official state body tasked with studying statewide broadband deployment.


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