The Federal IRLE Invites you to a Workshop:
Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26, 2006
Aspen Meadows Conference Center
Aspen, Colorado

The Federal IRLE is a non-partisan educational and outreach program of The Progress & Freedom Foundation with academic partners from the University of Colorado Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and the George Mason University Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science. The Federal IRLE is designed to teach House and Senate staff principles of economics and technology they can use to analyze any regulatory industry, such as communication, intellectual property and electricity.

The Federal IRLE is a pioneering effort devoted to providing House and Senate staff interested in communications, electricity and intellectual property issues with the analytical tools the need to evaluate the interplay between legislation, regulation and technological dynamism. The IRLE draws on the expertise of leading academics, practitioners and scholars. The purpose is to teach economic principles and concepts to staff so that they themselves may apply these concepts to regulatory situations in network industries. Airfare and accommodations will be provided consistent with ethics guidelines.

Space for this event is limited, so please RSVP online, or call Eileen Goulding or Kyle Dixon at 202-289-8928.



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