Academic Advisors

The Federal Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics (FIRLE) is a pioneering effort devoted to providing federal policymakers with the analytical tools necessary for evaluating the interplay between legislation, regulation and technological dynamism. FIRLE is further committed to building a community of legislative professionals with expertise in this important area.

The FIRLE is housed at The Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF), with academic partners from the University of Colorado Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and the George Mason University Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science.

An academic advisory board has been established to guide the development of curricula, readings and teaching methods for the Institute. Each member was selected for his or her professional contributions to better understanding of closely regulated networked industries.

Members of the advisory board are not compensated and serve in order to improve the quality of regulatory analysis and decision-making in the states.

The Academic Advisory Board

Michael Block, University of Arizona
Tyler Cowen, George Mason University
Robert Crandall, The Brookings Institution
Mark Grady, UCLA School of Law
Kenneth Gordon, NERA
Dale Hatfield, University of Colorado
Paul Joskow, MIT
Alfred Kahn, Cornell University
Lynne Kiesling, Northwestern University
James C. Miller, CapAnalysis
Steve Rassenti, George Mason University
Paul Rubin, Emory University
Howard Shelanski, University of California - Berkeley
Doug Sicker, University of Colorado
Vernon Smith, George Mason University
Jim Speta, Northwestern University
Paul Vasington, Analysis Group
Philip Weiser, University of Colorado
Dennis Weisman, Kansas State University
Mitchell Wilk, Wilk & Associates/LECG



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