Hotel NH City
Bolivar 160,
Salon Plaza Mayor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 7, 2006


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The Progress & Freedom Foundation and ESEADE are pleased to co-host an all-day conference April 7, 2006, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, titled "Intellectual Property and Innovation in the Digital World." Recognizing that intellectual property is a central driver of the digital economy, "Intellectual Property and Innovation in the Digital World" will examine the nexus of innovation, creation and intellectual property protection in the digital world.

The digital world knows no boundaries, and the critical role of intellectual property rights in innovation holds true in South America just as much as it does in the United States. PFF President Raymond Gifford, Vice President for Research Tom Lenard and Director of PFF's Center for the Study of Digital Property James DeLong will participate in the conference with ESEADE's Martin Krause and a range of prominent government and business officials from the US and Argentina. Those speakers include Graciela Peiretti, National Director of Copyrights; Antonio Millé, President of the Latin American Institute for Information Technology and Law; and intellectual property attorneys Miguel Angel Emery and Martín Carranza Torres.

"PFF has already partnered with stellar organizations in Milan, Brussels and Prague," said Gifford, referring to PFF's Digital Europe Summits held in 2005 and earlier this year. "Now we have the opportunity to share views and debate ideas with our neighbors in our very own hemisphere. I look forward to learning more about how the role intellectual property plays in Brazil's economy and its future in innovation."

The Progress & Freedom Foundation is a market-oriented think tank that studies the digital revolution and its impact on public policy. ESEADE (La Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas) was begun in 1978 as an autonomous institution dedicated to teaching business administration, economics, finance and political science, integrated with other disciplines such as philosophy and history. It was the first private institution in Argentina to offer a Master's in Economics and Business Administration. Today ESEADE is a University Institute recognized by the Argentine Department of Education.

Those wishing to attend the conference may contact Brooke Emmerick of The Progress & Freedom Foundation at 202-289-8928 or bemmerick@pff.org. Those interested in attending should register here.


Buenos Aires agenda




Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights
- Thomas Lenard, Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research, PFF
- Martín Krause, Rector, ESEADE


Open Standards and Open Source
- James V. DeLong, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for the Study of Digital Property, PFF
- Martín Carranza Torres, Lawyer and Advisor to the Chamber of the Software Industry
Case Studies: Leonardo Mato, President, Inworx Argentina


Lunch - What's New?
- Antonio Millé, Partner, Estudio Millé and President of the Latin American Institute for Information Technology and Law


Interoperability and Standards
Raymond Gifford, President, PFF


Copyrights and Piracy
- Miguel Angel Emery, Partner, Estudio Millé and Consultant, World Intellectual Property Organization
- Graciela Peiretti, National Director for Copyrights
- Alejandra Aoun, Lawyer, Estudio Aoun and Researcher, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Industrial and Economic Rights, University of Buenos Aires School of Law
Case Studies:
- Carlos Pallotti, President, Chamber of the Software Industry Carlos Pazos, President, The Book Foundation
- Diego Farreras, Regional Counsel, Louis Vuitton